I've Received Multiple Theraplex Chemical Peels and Here Are My Thoughts

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Performed 2007

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I've had several Theraplex chemical peels done on me over the past two years. I had the peels done because I had a few mild acne scars I wanted to eliminate and had read that they can help prevent fine lines and aging if you get them done frequently. I'm a big fan of different skin care treatments and want to have good skin for as long as possible and I was financially able to have these treatments, so I had them. 

My peel was done by my regular dermatologist, Dr. Diana Hurwitz at The WestMed Group in Rye, NY. She told me salicylic acid peels are good for dead skin turnover and giving your skin tone an improved appearance.

The peel procedure was so easy that I wouldn't even call it a 'procedure.' The first step of the peel is cleansing. My skin was cleaned with what I believe was an alcohol pad, which removed any makeup or oily skin I had. The next step is applying the Theraplex salicylic acid (SA)--mine was 25 or 30%, I cant remember -- which is applied using a cotton applicator. As the SA is applied, you feel a slight stinging sensation, but this is mitigated by having a fan blow cool air on your face. The SA was applied to my cheeks, then my chin, forehead, nose and neck. As the SA is applied, it precipitates leaving a white frosted look on your face. After that, your face is washed and you're done.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain level during the treatment was less than a 1. I was able to go home right after the peel was applied and there was zero downtime. My skin was not red at all and I applied my daily moisturizer to my face when I got home. I didn't even have dry skin after the procedure.

Over the next week, I had some peeling but it wasn't sheets of skin. My skin just seemed a bit drier than usual. I combated this dryness by applying additional facial moisturizer.

I liked the Theraplex peel and have since had it done 4 other times. Each time I get it done, I feel like it makes my skin a bit brighter and gives it more of a healthy glow. My skin texture has improved too and while my scars have faded a bit, they have not completely gone away.

I would recommend this peel to anyone looking to improve and maintain their skin's appearance but not so much as an acne scar treatment. I'm sure it might also be useful for sun damage, hyperpigmentation, age spots and other skin ailments that aren't scars (treats surface-level issues well), but can't speak from personal experience.

Dr. Diana Hurwitz

Rye, NY

Westmed Group - Rye, NY

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