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Six months ago I started using Latisse for my eye lashes after my dermatologist saw me using lash extensions. I was in my friend's wedding the weekend before and loved the length and fullness so much that I tried to make them last a few more days. I never thought of getting them done on a repetitive basis until I fell in love with how full they looked. At $150 to have them first placed, then $40 every two weeks to update, it was no inexpensive cosmetic cost I was considering adding to my monthly beautification budget. What put me over the edge was when the dermatologist warned me about how dangerous they were to wear long term and to constantly change them at a salon could impact my normal eyelash growth in the future. As always, she had a solution: she recommended I try Latisse, which is a prescription drug for growing your own longer lashes. After 4 months of consistent, nightly application to my upper eyelids, she assured me that I would see an incredible difference...she was right! Latisse works, and if done right, according to my dermatologist, it works 100% of the time (I can't honestly think of anything that works 100% of the time).

But before I dove eyelash first into the prescription treatment, I asked her a few questions and she calmed my nerves about using it. I have light green eyes and I was so scared about hearing my green eyes could turn brown, but apparently the side effect (turning a light eye color into brown) hasn't happened to anyone using Latisse (so why list it as a side effect? Who knows!). I did experience some itchiness and redness of my eyes and some redness of my eyelids when I first started, but after about 3 weeks I didn't have anymore discomfort. The pinkness of my eyelids is still there, but I hardly notice it, especially if I put on a little eyeshadow.

In clinical trials, bimatoprost (the actual drug that makes up Latisse) was first used for glaucoma (according to my doctor) and although it helped treat glaucoma, they saw the amazing "side effect" of people's eyelashes growing longer and fuller! How interesting! Apparently the medication keeps your lashes in a growth phase (the building, lengthening, and darkening phase of the growth cycle) so that they don't turn off - they keep growing in length and in quantity. When stopped, your lashes go back to the way they were beforehand, but the frequency of treatments (number of times I apply at night per week) has dropped off since I passed the 4 month mark - this is what my dermatologist told me to do. Now, 6 months into treatment, I only apply 3-4 times per week and my lashes still look great.

I've gone through about 1.5 bottles of Latisse at this point, but I got lucky when I first started because my dermatologist had a special offer going on where I could buy a 5mL bottle and get a 3mL bottle for free. I also earned more points for my Brilliant Distinctions (by Allergan - the company that makes Latisse, Botox, Juvederm, and a bunch of products my dermatologist sells) account that I plan on redeeming next week when I get some Botox to my frown lines!

Even though Latisse is applied with a brush-like applicator to the upper eyelid only, both my upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes got longer/fuller. The great results I got were visible after the first month, but only continued to wow me as time went on. After only 2 months my co-workers started asking me if I was wearing false lashes again - that was such an awesome feeling. After I finished 4 months of treatment, my friends asked me if I was using Neulash or some other prescription products, and I told them Latisse - seriously, there is nothing else that works, so why use an imitator? My lashes are perfect now and nothing beats 100% success rate, minimal side effects, reasonable cost, and the fact that I'm growing MY OWN lashes and not damaging my eyelids or my eyes. I recommend Latisse to all my friends and co-workers, and have probably gotten 5 or 6 of my friends, including my own mother, to start using it.

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