Juvederm Restylane Refyne Worked Very Well on My Hollow Tear Troughs

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After Juvederm Filler Treatment - Juvederm Restylane Refyne Worked Very Well on My Hollow Tear Troughs  - review image.
Before Juvederm Under Eye Filler Treatment - Juvederm Restylane Refyne Worked Very Well on My Hollow Tear Troughs  - review image.

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Performed 2017

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At 31 years, old I started to notice I was looking very “tired” when I would look in the mirror no matter how much sleep I had got. This was really bothering me for a whole year, until I recently went to see Dr. Brett Beber MD, FRCSC in Toronto,Canada. He is a plastic surgeon, who I had met before at the hospital, when he was assigned to remove a suspicious mole on my leg. I remember him being very kind, he listened well and his attention to detail.

I had lost some body fat in the last couple years and that combined with my age was leaving the under-eye area of my face very hollowed out, creating dark shadows. I also have an indented scar under my left eye from where I had a birthmark removed when I was 4 years old, which always bothered me.

I went for a free consultation before the procedure, which was very thorough. The doctor reviewed my medical history, discussed the procedure, risks, benefits and cost.

The cost for 1 syringe of Juvederm Restylane Refyne is approximately $550-$600 CAD and if you do not use the whole syringe at the initial appointment, it can be refrigerated for up to 3 months and you can go back for a touch up during that time. I was told that Juvederm Restylane Refyne is ideal for the under-eye area, as it is the thinnest filler and provides the best results, making it look the most natural. I was warned you will be able to feel the product under your skin as it is acting almost like an “implant” plumping your skin up.

Typical results should last 8 months-2 years as the under-eye area retains the material longer than other places on your face. Dr.Beber explained this area on your face when filled will give you a subtle difference yet yield great results making you look younger, more refreshed with the appearance of larger eyes. I also find my makeup goes on smoother and in general my skin looks healthier.

My boyfriend’s initial reaction was that he didn’t notice a change but when I showed him my before and after pics he was shocked. He said he had not really noticed the deep hollows under my eyes but now that I pointed it out he could tell a huge difference. In the next week, he kept telling me how much more “awake” I looked.

During the actual procedure before and after photos were taken at the doctor’s office. I am not afraid of needles and felt this procedure was not uncomfortable at all. I would rate it a 1-2/10 on the discomfort scale.

First your makeup is wiped off and you close your eyes while the injection is happening. The Juvederm product has a local anesthetic in it so it really does not hurt while going in. You will just feel a little pressure as they are moving the product around with the syringe.

It is extremely important to go to someone who knows facial anatomy very well (i.e. plastic surgeon) as there can be severe complications if injections in this area are done improperly or in the wrong site (i.e. blindness)

Immediately after I could see the results and loved them-I almost started crying I was so happy! I was warned I might have some bruising/swelling in the area especially because I am so fair skinned but I was thrilled that I did not have even the tiniest mark or bruise on my skin in the days to come.

I had to go for a follow up 30 days later and have photos taken again. During the procedure 1 full syringe was used (1/2 under each eye).

I would without hesitation recommend this to anyone with the same issue. In less than 15 minutes I felt so much more confident with my appearance and don’t dread looking in the mirror any more.

The doctor was right in saying that no one will notice what you had done, yet you will appear to look better.

Dr. Brett Beber


Brett Beber Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery - Toronto

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