Knee Liposuction Helped My Self-Confidence

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I know I'm not the only person in the world that has fat around their knees and couldn't get rid of it no matter how much exercising I did or weight loss programs I tried. Even at my ideal weight, I would still have fat around my knees. When I went to the beach or saw someone in shorts, I tended to look at their knees to compare mine to theirs, and I was always leaving disappointed and feeling downright hopeless.

I thought that this was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. Then I started doing some research online to see if there was a remedy for fat knees (for lack of a better description). I found cosmetic procedures that can be done to reduce the fat around my knees, and if I wanted to, around my thighs for a more pronounced thigh gap: knee liposuction with or without thigh liposuction was the answer.

I searched different websites for board-certified plastic surgeons in my area that had experience with this type of fat removal. Several had experience in all kinds of surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery, and liposuction, but I was looking for one (or a few doctors) that had successfully done liposuction on knees (inner knee and outer portion of the knee). I scheduled a few consultations and began my in-person search.

During my consultations, the doctors told me that I had small pads of fatty tissue around the sides of my kneecap (patella). I was told the fat deposits could have been caused by excess weight, genetics, or general changes in a woman’s body that can be traced back to childbirth or menopause. I was curious if I had lipomas, which are fat-filled cysts, around my knees, but every doctor told me the same thing – the knee fat I had was definitely not from lipomas. I’m in my late-30s and have three children, a non-smoker, am not overweight, have overall great health and no symptoms of arthritis, and still menstruate – which each surgeon told me made me a good candidate for the procedure.

I was told that I was a good candidate for knee liposuction, and if I wanted to add to the procedure, thigh liposuction that could address fatty deposits on my inner thighs and outer thighs. Each plastic surgeon reviewed the treatment, risks, and pre- and post-procedure do’s and don’ts clearly.

I decided that I only wanted knee lipo and wasn’t going to have the thigh lipo done (neither I, nor the surgeons felt it was really necessary after discussion). I was quoted for the procedure by 3 different surgeons and given prices ranging from $2,500 to $4,000. After my consultations, I decided to go with one surgeon who appeared to have the most experience and I felt the most comfortable with – trusting someone is so important when you’re going to have an elective procedure.  

I set up a pre-surgical consultation with my first choice to review the procedure one last time, what to do and what to avoid leading up to it, possible complications, and healing time. Before I knew it, I was meeting with their surgical coordinator to book the procedure 3 weeks away!

I chose to have the lipo done on a Thursday, then take Friday off from work and hopefully be able to return back to work Monday with no one the wiser. My husband drove me to the plastic surgeon’s office the day of the procedure with some rumbling nerves. The plastic surgeon drew lines around the knee area that she’d remove fat from and explained these were drawn so that she could focus on all the right areas even if I started to swell during the surgery. The procedure did not require general anesthesia, so I was given a local anesthetic (a set of injections much like a dentist would do to numb an area around the teeth when I would have a cavity) to numb the area. What seemed like seconds later, the doctor confirmed I was numb before she got started. The doctor made a couple of small incisions where the little tube (called a cannula) that the lipo machine uses to suck out the fat - these incisions are supposed to be the only scars I’d have left over.

I kind of lost track of the time, but it seemed like the procedure itself was under an hour.  The doctor was very nice and communicated with me about what was going on during the procedure, so I was able to tell how far along I was and what to expect. I didn’t feel any pain from the cannula that was inserted, but I did know that something was going on in my knee area with a slight pressure sensation.

After some recovery time in the surgery center (maybe 30 minutes?), I was visited by the doctor before being released to go home. A compression garment was put on my legs in the operating room, which I was told ahead of time I’d be wearing for few weeks until the doctor cleared me to remove it. That weekend I took it easy and made sure to elevate my legs to reduce swelling. I did have some bruising that went away in a week’s time. I had a follow up two weeks after the procedure to have the remaining sutures removed and for the doctor to check on my progress – she was pleased, as was I! 

I concealed my new, “thinner” knees with pants for about 2 months so that I could hide any swelling that was subsiding. I had a little pain and stiffness in the knee area for about six weeks or so that was worse when I was standing for long periods, and it was around then that I started to get back into a mild version of my exercise regime. I was told that different people heal at different rates and that it has to do with a person’s general health, age, and how closely the patient follows the post-procedure directions (bed rest, wearing of compression garments, changing the bandages, etc.).

It’s been almost four months since my knee liposuction and everything looks and feels great. I’m glad I did the procedure. I now have no qualms about wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses anymore. Highly recommended for any woman not afraid to have a couple of small scars but a big impact on their fat knee areas!

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