Kybella Injections Got Rid of The Fullness in My Neck

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Performed 2016

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In doing my research, I learned that liposuction, Kybella and Coolsculpting Mini procedures were the only options to treat my double chin. I was not willing to have a surgical procedure, so liposuction was out of the question. I did not want to have scars, no matter how small they might have been. Between Coolsculpting Mini and Kybella, I preferred having a quick series of injections rather than sitting in a chair for an hour multiple times with a freezing cold vacuum hanging off of my neck.

I consulted with plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Glatt in NJ for my Kybella treatment. He had a lot of very positive reviews from past patients, but of particular interest to me was the number of great Kybella reviews he had from happy patients. It was clear to me that he performed the procedure frequently and that was very important to me in determining which doctor to consult with.

My experience meeting Dr. Glatt was great. He was very thorough in explaining how Kybella worked and what the possible side effects were. He told me I was a good candidate because I was relatively fit except for the fat under my neck, or the 'submental fullness.' He said the active ingredient of Kybella, deoxycholic acid, acted as a detergent that caused fat cells to be eliminated. Dr. Glatt said I would need a series of injections of about .2 CCs each. The total cost of my treatment would be around $1800.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Glatt numbed the treatment area and then applied a grid-like pattern of dots on the area he was about to treat. The dots are used as a guide so that the fat pockets are injected equally and prevents the Kybella needle from causing any nerve injury. The nerve that could potentially be injured is the one that controls your lower lip, so you do not want to mess with that (exactly the reason you'll want to find a high trained and reviewed provider).

When Dr. Glatt did the injections, he did not inject directly into the dots he had placed on my neck. This was not done because you don't want the needle going through the dots, potentially causing a tattoo to be left on your skin. Dr. Glatt was very careful when he injected me.

The Kybella injections were very quick and the entire procedure was over within 20 minutes. I experienced a slight burning sensation when the solution was going in and that was it. I returned to Dr. Glatt for an additional treatment, so I was happy nothing bad happened during my first series of injections that would have deterred me from going back for an additional treatment. I knew I had to go back if I wanted the great results I had hoped for.

Following my treatment, I had swelling but combated that by icing day and night. I also had some bruising but it was nothing too serious. If I pushed underneath my chin, I experienced a small amount of pain, perhaps a 2/10. I was a bit numb for a day or so too. By day 2, my bruising was gone but the swelling remained. It took about a week for all of my swelling to go away.

It took a good 2 months for me to see the results I was expecting but when they showed up, I was very happy with what I saw. The fullness in my chin had gone away and it looked as though the loose skin under my neck shrunk down.

I recommend Kybella because it was of the few cosmetic treatments you can have that is quick, pain free and offers consistent results. Dr. Glatt and his medical staff were great and I'm so happy I found out about him. Him and his staff were kind and very competent.



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