Labiaplasty Surgery Has Improved My Sex Life and Comfort

Hoolixir Patient gender: Female Patient age: 29 Cost: $5,000

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Performed 2018

Procedure review

My labia have always bulged out and given me problems. Walking and finding comfortable underwear and clothes has always been problematic because of my labia. By the time I turned 26, I was fed up with my situation and actively sought out a plastic surgeon or gynecologist to perform my labiaplasty, eventually settling on a gynecologist who specialized in labiaplasty surgery. The gynecologist I picked for my surgery was very considerate and had hundreds of before/after photos of other women she had operated on. Of the photos I saw, all of the women had incredible results. She quoted me $5,000 for the procedure and I booked my surgery for 2 months after my consultation.

My Surgery:

My labiaplasty was done under local anesthesia. My doctor told me that she preferred local over general anesthesia because it was much safer and shaved $1200 off the cost of the surgery because she didn’t need an anesthesiologist present during the procedure. She also said that if I was under general anesthesia I would not be able to leave at the conclusion of the procedure and would be required to stay until I was more awake. She promised me that I would not feel anything during the surgery and she told the truth! I was completely numb and felt nothing at all!

My Recovery:

The night after my procedure I did not feel much of anything. I was prescribed painkillers but didn’t need them. I was very careful to not rub my legs together whenever I laid down, I made sure I had a pillow separating my legs.

The day after my surgery, I was quite a bit more swollen and sore. I was more sore than the day before, but this is probably because the long lasting local anesthesia that was used during my surgery had completely worn off. Even though I was still experiencing a significant amount of swelling and numbness, I could tell my labia were as bothersome as they were before surgery. Even with no underwear on, I felt great already! It made me excited because I could already sense my surgery was a success - I just needed to heal more.

Three days after my surgery I still had swelling and soreness. I was comfortable enough to not need painkillers at this point in my recovery though. I also decided to take a shower, which made me feel really good and refreshed and I made sure to keep my ‘area’ very clean and dry.

On day 7 of my recovery, I ran into a bit of trouble. One of my labias developed an infection and my doctor had to call in antibiotics for me. I started taking them right away and started feeling better pretty quickly.

On day 8 I was feeling better from the antibiotics and the swelling in the labia that was not infected had gone down a lot. The infected labia was feeling better though. I started to develop some hair and it started to bother me, so I shaved and was very careful when I did so. I was still a little uncomfortable when I was walking around and had to be sure to wear loose clothing. Tight clothing was a huge no no.

Two weeks after my surgery I was feeling much better. My infection was gone and all of my swelling had pretty much disappeared. My sutures had steadily been falling out from day 7-11 and I was started to looking really good down. Things looked neat and tucked away.

6 weeks post-op and you could barely see my scars. My ‘area’ was still a little tender if my clothes rubbed against it or a walked a certain way, but overall I felt pretty good. The first time I had sex with my boyfriend after my surgery I noticed that was extra sensitive and was able to orgasim much quicker than I was able to pre-surgery. All sexual positions are now more comfortable, when prior to surgery I sex was not enjoyable.

Final Word on My Surgery: 

My labiaplasty was worth every penny and the time spent recovering. I really had a wonderful experience and do not regret a single thing about my decision to have surgery. Good luck to all the other ladies on here contemplating a labiaplasty! 

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