Laser Hair Removal Experience on Bikini, Underarm, Arms, Face and Legs. Definitely Worth it!

PoojaPatel Patient gender: Female Patient age: 21 Cost: $3,500

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Laser Hair Removal Experience on Bikini, Underarm, Arms, Face and Legs. Definitely Worth it! - review image.

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My name is Pooja Patel, and I’ve gotten laser hair removal on several parts of my body. I am 18 years old and located in Greenville, South Carolina, but I got my treatments done at Silk Laser Hair Removal in Glenview, IL with Rupal Kohli. I did a package for my whole body, and I paid $3,500 for 9 treatments.

Because I am Indian, I used to grow very thick hair on my arms, face, legs, and underarms. Before, I would wax my legs and arms, but this got very tedious. Also, shaving my underarms caused them to get darker. My mom and I decided it was best for me to get laser hair removal done for my full body, so I would never have to shave or wax again. At the time, I was only 16 and very scared to get anything done. My mom had gotten laser hair removal done in a local doctor’s office, but the results were very minimal. After talking to Rupal Kohli, I wanted to only get it done with her because her previous laser hair removal patients had great results. She explained exactly what laser hair removal did and how it worked, and this made me feel a lot more comfortable about the process. She thoroughly explained how to prepare for the treatments, and this eased my nerves. Also, she was very quick to respond to any questions and concerns I had throughout my treatments.

Laser hair removal is not a one-time procedure, it requires several treatments to obtain good results. Depending on the patient, more treatments may be needed. This meant that I had to fly out to Illinois every 6-8 weeks to get laser hair removal done. I got laser hair removal on my face, underarms, back, stomach, Brazilian, and legs. I have gotten 7 out of 9 of my treatments done, and I have seen a significant improvement. My legs and arms are very soft, and there is minimal hair growth on any of the treatment areas. Although I will need a few more treatments, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and the frequency that I must shave. Before I got my treatments, I would have to shave every day. Now, I can go weeks without shaving.

Laser hair removal is somewhat painful. In my opinion, the underarm hair area was the most painful. That area is very sensitive, so when it's being lasered, it is very uncomfortable. The Brazilian was also not very comfortable to get lasered, but it is bearable. When I told my technician it was uncomfortable, she put a numbing cream on the area, and this helped the pain. If you do feel uncomfortable or can’t handle the pain, make sure to communicate with your technician. Rupal was very understanding, and she made sure to take breaks in-between sessions which really helped.

There are several tips for better results that I learned from getting several different laser hair removal treatments done. I made sure to shave every inch of the treatment areas before going in. If the area is not properly shaved, the technician will have to shave it for you. This can cause irritation which will make the laser even more uncomfortable. Before going in, I made sure I didn’t have any deodorant or lotion on. I took a warm shower right before going to the spa without putting any products on my body. A clean body without any products is the best way to go in for a treatment, so the laser doesn’t have to burn through it. Also, I made sure to avoid waxing and plucking while getting the treatments done. This can mess with the process of permanently removing hair, so I made sure to always shave. I also avoided going to get my treatments done during my period; the body can be very sensitive during this time which can intensify the pain.

This really changed my life because I would be scared to wear shorts or tank tops because of my hairy arms and legs. I spent a lot of time shaving and waxing, and now, I don’t have to spend much time doing that. Ultimately, I will have saved money and time from avoiding buying razors or getting waxed. I’m very glad my mom encouraged me to get laser hair removal done, and I’m grateful that I went to the right technician. Although laser hair removal is not completely painless, it is worth it in the end. After all, beauty is pain.

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