Laser Tattoo Removal Helped Me Remove Two Unwanted Tattoos

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After Tattoo Removal - Laser Tattoo Removal Helped Me Remove Two Unwanted Tattoos - review image.
After a Few Tattoo Removal Sessions - Laser Tattoo Removal Helped Me Remove Two Unwanted Tattoos - review image.
Before Tattoo Removal - Laser Tattoo Removal Helped Me Remove Two Unwanted Tattoos - review image.
Before Tattoo Removal - Laser Tattoo Removal Helped Me Remove Two Unwanted Tattoos - review image.

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Many people decide to get a tattoo because it means something to them, or they get it with someone they feel close to. Sometimes those same people either grow tired of their tattoo, or it reminds them of a specific person or memory that they would rather forget. When it comes to experiences such as these, there are a few options for those that no longer want these markings on their body. Covering your tattoo can be painful and extremely expensive, depending on its size and location. A great alternative to costly cover-ups is laser tattoo removal, which is much more affordable and instead of covering the tattoo this procedure removes it completely. When it came to getting my first tattoo, I wasn’t thinking about long-term effects, or how I would feel carrying a peace sign on my ankle as an adult. When I became older, I realized that I wasn’t really into tattoos as I once was, so I began researching removing my tattoo. During this time, I was living in Florida and the tattoo removal procedures were overpriced, and extremely far from where I lived. Once I moved to Massachusetts, I decided to take another look and really research all of my options.

The first option that I considered, was to have my tattoo covered with skin colored ink. The problem with this, however, is that my skin gets very dark and you would still be able to see my tattoo. Another common issue that came up, is the safety of the type of ink that would be needed. I began searching for tattoo removal locations in my area and stumbled upon several great options, that offered various pricing lists. My main concern besides an affordable option was pain. I read many articles and reviews from previous patients of other facilities that felt excruciating pain from the tattoo removal procedure. They complained about scarring and that their tattoo removal was not as successful as they wanted it to be. To get the proper outcome, you must research and find all of your best options available, as well as read reviews from former and current clients. I read reviews, compared pricing, and called Out of Ink Tattoo Removal in Plymouth, Massachusetts before I scheduled my initial consultation. Jonathan Hopfgarten assured me that his process was less painful than other alternatives.

During my first visit, I met with Jonathan to discuss how long the process would take, which he based off of my two smaller tattoos. He also assessed the coloring as that also plays a large part of the tattoo removal process. I paid $100 for the removal of both tattoos and because of their very small size, I decided to get them both removed simultaneously. This was a great option for me, because it saved me time from commuting to his facility twice as many times as I needed to and it saved me money. The best aspect of his treatment is that his removal machines are quick and they utilize cold air. This air basically freezes or numbs the area where the tattoo is, which allows you to feel less pain than if the area wasn’t numb. While the machine is running it makes a clicking noise, and continuously blows cold air to soften the sting of the machine. While you are getting your treatment you must wear goggles as the laser can damage your eyes. The process only took about 15 minutes for both tattoos and my appointment was over. After my first appointment, and after each appointment following he made me very aware of the limitations that I needed to follow for the first 48 hours.

After your laser tattoo removal treatment you will need to stay out of salt water, and pools for 48 hours to avoid infection. Your tattoo is basically an open sore at this point and the skin is very sensitive. Keeping it covered by a bandage for the first 48-72 hours will prevent you from bumping the area or getting it infected. While you do want it to “breathe” putting ointment on the treated area is also very important. I was given this ointment by the facility, as all tattoo removal doctors should do the same. Another thing to note is that if you tan then you will need to cover the area, especially between visits. When you tan you form a layer of pigments over your skin, which will also go over your tattoo that is being removed. Each time your skin creates more pigments because of the sun this will create more layers that the laser will have to break through.

Recovery time for tattoo removal varies depending on your own body and the size of the area, however, it is most common for the body to take 4-6 weeks to heal. This will allow for any blisters or swelling to subside. For my small tattoo, I was able to have a session every 6 weeks. While I am still in the process of removing the tattoo on my ankle, I have successfully removed the tattoo behind my ear! This treatment took me about 6 sessions to complete and laser tattoo removal is an option that I would highly recommend. If you have low pain tolerance as I do, I also suggest seeking a physician that offers laser removal machines with cold air. This will take away some of the pain that comes along with removing your tattoo.

This experience for me has given me back my confidence and has changed my perspective on tattoos forever. I started out really wanting tattoos because it is what I grew up around but as I got older I realized that I don’t want them in my wedding pictures, graduation pictures, or when I am older. Now I admire tattoos on other people and am much happier, all because I invested in laser tattoo removal treatments.

Jonathan Hopfgarten

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Out of Ink Tattoo Removal - Plymouth, Massachusetts

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