Latisse is Miracle Gro For Your Eyelashes

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Eyes Closed After Latisse Treatments - Latisse is Miracle Gro For Your Eyelashes  - review image.

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Performed 2016

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Thinking about using Latisse? You're going to want to read my in-depth review!

Bimatoprost opthalmic solution .03%, otherwise known as Latisse, is an FDA approved magical eyelash growth serum you can buy at your local dermatologist's or plastic surgeon's office. This stuff is amazing and there's a lot of misinformation out there that I would like to dispel with my review.

About Me

I'm 24 years old and live in the warm state of Florida. I first learned about Latisse from the aestheticians at the dermatology office where I work as a nurse. Like some of you reading this review, the first thing that came to mind at the mention of Latisse, was 'aren't those the eye drops that change your eye color?' The aestheticians at my office laughed when I said that to them, because they told me unless you're squirting Latisse directly into your eye over an extended period of time, that's not going to happen. I was not genetically gifted with long lashes like my sister was. I wanted longer lashes and so I decided to trust them and gave Latisse a try.

My Experience With Latisse

I have been using Latisse for almost 2 years now. I love it and have had a very positive experience using it. Latisse is basically Miracle-Gro for your eyelashes. You put it on and magically your eyelashes start to grow.

Here are the pros, cons and tips for using Latisse


1) This stuff actually works. Your eyelashes will grow longer if you use it. You'll have long, thick, beautiful lashes and your friends will be jealous of how good they look.

2) If you have lighter eyelashes and want darker lashes, Latisse darkens your hair color. This will save you money on mascara, or make it so you don't have to wear mascara at all.

3) Your eye color will not change if you use Latisse properly, so you don't have to worry about your green or blue eyes turning brown . Nothing against you brown eye people, but I like might light colored eyes.

4) Using Latisse is not a burden to your daily routine. You apply one drop of Latisse at night and only to your upper eyelid. You then close your eyes and the Latisse transfers from where you applied it to your lower lash line.


1) Latisse is expensive. It costs $135 for a 3ml bottle, which will last you 5 weeks. This will be a financial commitment and need to be okay with that.

2) You may occasionally experience some itching or redness, but this has only happened here and there for me.

3) Latisse can result in some crazy lash growth. I was able to control this by curling my lashes and it was not a big problem for me.


1) Check with your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon to see if they run specials on Latisse. The office I work for does run deals every few months.

2) To avoid wasting Latisse, touch the top of the bottle to the disposable applicator brush that comes with it. Some people pour their latisse into the top on the bottle. This is not recommended, because you can contaminate the lid if you're not careful. I have read online that some people do this and then use a q-top soaked with rubbing alcohol to clean the top after each use.

3) Some of the Latisse reviews I've read online suggest replacing the disposable applicator brushes that come with the solution with a a very small eyeliner brush from Sephora. I'm a bit worried about the build up of bacteria by using a brush I don't throw out with each use.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all I really recommend Latisse. Instead of using eyelash extensions, tons of mascara and wasting a lot of time doing your eyes, just get Latisse! The only hurdle you need to get over is the price. If you’re willing to invest in it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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