Left With Uneven Creases in Eyelids Years After Surgery

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I had asian double eyelid surgery a few years ago and still feel the need to share my story with others considering this procedure. I wanted to have the surgery because there was no crease whatsoever in my eyelids. I was often told that I looked ‘tired’ or ‘sleepy.’ I was 23 when I had my procedure, so having people mentioned I looked tired when I had a full night’s rest was not exactly what I wanted to hear from close friends and family, who for some reason felt the need to comment on my appearance.

I found my plastic surgeon through Google. His name was Dr. Colin Hong and he’s a very busy surgeon in Toronto. He was so busy I often had to wait for extended periods in his waiting room.

My eyelid surgery went well but I was left with folds in my eyes that don’t match. My left eye is uneven compared to my right eye. I think Dr. Hong misjudged the placement of my incisions. I will say that I experienced less pain than I had expected during the procedure. It was done under local anesthesia and I was aware of what was going on the entire time, but had no sensations. 

I believed everything had gone well with my surgery until a week later, when my eyes were becoming excessively dried out because I could not close them all the way from the sutures that were left in my eyes. It was not until 3.5 months later when I was able to fully close my eyes that the dryness stopped. 6-7 months more and they had healed almost completely, but not to my liking.

I do not question eyelid surgery, because I believe it’s a great procedure for people who are lacking a crease in their eyelids like me, but I do question the skill of my surgeon. I don’t know if he rushed, if I was simply one of the unfortunate ones who healed poorly, or if it was something else, but I’d like to think I would have had a better outcome if I went with a more skilled surgeon. Please make sure you pick a surgeon who is highly reviewed and if you can, speak with some of his/her patients on the phone. 

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