Lip Injections - 22 Year Olds Experience With Juvederm Ultra Lip Filler

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Lip augmentation

Performed 2016

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Before my first experience with injectable lip fillers, I had little to no knowledge about the procedure other than what I had searched on YouTube. I went in with an open mind and a limited knowledge of what was to come. I knew regardless of pain or price, that I wanted fuller lips, but I can honestly say that this was one of the most “grown-up” things I had ever done on my own. I had never considered a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery before. I have always been a very confident person when it comes to appearance and I never let others’ opinions get in the way of how I personally view myself. However, throughout my life, I was always uncomfortable with my smile and how much of my gums showed in pictures. I had always wanted plumper lips so that I could be more confident in my smile and so that I could do a little bit more with lipstick. Roughly two months after my 20th birthday, I decided that it was time for me to get what I had been wanting for a long time. I wanted to have my lips enhanced! Before receiving my injections, I had spent many hours searching for a credible and affordable clinic in the Indianapolis, IN, area to administer the procedure. Finally, I had selected a place and called to set up an appointment. The woman who ended up giving me the Juvéderm Ultra was named Diana Carter, a nurse practitioner, from Face Value. To this day, I still get my lips touched up by her and I owe my entire, positively amazing experience to her. Not only did she inform me about everything I needed to know regarding Juvéderm and the procedure, but also, she truly cares about her patients and their needs regarding their lips. The first thing you need to know if you are in the market for lip enhancement is that just because a clinic charges more than another, that does not mean that they will necessarily do a better job. Be sure to search around for the right clinic for you because if you commit to getting lip injections for a long time, then you want to find a place that you feel comfortable going to and one that has a great staff who will accommodate you if need be. I recommend (and was recommended to by Diana) that for your first time you will only want to get half a syringe and no more than a full. The reason for this is that you do not want to over-stretch your lips the first time after getting them done. You also do not know if you will truly love them at first. Thankfully, lip injections are not permanent and they do slowly dissolve. Depending on your metabolism and body type, typically the smaller and more active you are the quicker they will dissolve. I am 5’ 5”, 105 lbs. and very active. I usually get mine touched up every 5 months or so depending on how quick they go down. Getting a touch up also depends on the look you are going for and whether you want a fuller look or a more natural approach. As far as the procedure went I was numbed for about 10 minutes and given half of the syringe on top and half on bottom with a greater focus on the corners of my lips. I have a rather large pain tolerance but in all honesty, it did not hurt as bad as I thought it would. The injections pinched at first and hurt worse on the top compared to the bottom. The procedure did not take long at all and only lasted roughly 30 minutes in total. For a full syringe, it cost me $275. I am absolutely delighted with how my lips turned out and I can’t imagine not having them again! I have gotten multiple compliments about my lips and how they changed my smile. I will forever be grateful for my experience and how well Diana has treated me. I recommend visiting her spa or contacting her if you live in the Indianapolis area! My greatest piece of advice about getting this procedure done is to be as informed as possible and to be confident that you are doing it for YOU and no one else. I can promise you that your experience will be even better if you are confident in yourself and you know that you are doing it for the right reasons. Lip injections have, without a doubt, changed my life. I am very happy with the great results I've received! Although it is something that needs to be maintained over time, I am completely happy with my decision and it is something that I plan to continue with throughout my life.

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Diana Carter, RN