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Performed 2018

Procedure review

I first got liposuction done on my thighs back in 2009 and have been back to Dr. Gary Breslow several times since then for additional liposuction procedures. Most recently, I’ve had lipo on my hips in 2017 and again on my outer thighs in 2018. I’ve been pleased with every single visit and plan to continue seeing Dr. Breslow for future cosmetic procedures.

Getting Started With Lipo

When I first decided to get liposuction, I was about 48 and tired of my saddlebags - that excess fat around my thighs. Honestly, they annoyed the heck out of me and I had no bones about getting rid of them.

It’s been so long since I discovered Dr. Breslow’s office that I don’t really remember how I found him. I think it was an ad in the paper or something. I was looking for plastic surgeons close to my home, and his name came up. If I recall correctly, he was offering a complimentary consultation at the time, and I decided to go for it.  

Consultations with Dr. Breslow

I have consultations with Dr. Breslow before every surgical procedure, and from the initial consultation to the most recent he’s always answered every one of my questions, and if he wasn’t able to answer right then and there, then he’d call me later with a response.

During each of these consultations, we talk about what I want done and where, including problem areas with large fat deposits. Dr. Breslow and his office staff have always been very straightforward and honest with me. If they didn’t think I was a good candidate for other body contouring procedures, like CoolSculpting, then they’d let me know.

As far as the liposuction surgery is concerned, the consultation process is pretty quick and routine. Of course, I’m no stranger to it now, but when I was new to lipo, Dr. Breslow made me feel comfortable by explaining the whole process.

Liposuction Procedures

When I go into the office for liposuction, I get taken downstairs where I’m prepped for the cosmetic surgery. The people down there have always been really nice, helpful, and efficient. They get you in there, get you ready to go, and explain everything that’s about to happen.

Dr. Breslow then comes in and marks you up in preparation for the procedure. He asks if you have any other questions before they begin. He might also crack a joke or two to give you a little laugh and relieve some of the tension. Overall, he’s very patient, professional, and informative. You see him again when you’re getting the general anesthesia, and then not for a while, as you’ll be out for the procedure.

Honestly, the whole thing is extremely routine. Dr. Breslow knows what’s he’s doing and it shows in his bedside manner and final results.

Liposuction Recovery and Follow-Ups

After each procedure, I’ve had several follow-ups. The first is usually within the first week and it’s with the physician’s assistant. I see Dr. Breslow again at the second follow-up, around a month later. Then there’s one at three months, six months, and a year.

In general, my recoveries have been very straightforward with few side effects. After the first procedure back in 2009, I experienced some illness from the anesthesia. But aside from that, I healed just fine. Since then, it’s only gotten easier.

Pain has always been minimal. In fact, I don’t really take the pain pills they send me home with - not since I got sick from the anesthesia - because I thought that they might have made me sick too. I’ve had very little discomfort. Honestly the bruising and swelling have been minimal as well, and my downtime has been next to nothing.

Post-Operative Instructions

Dr. Breslow sent me home with compression garments the first time around and I still use the same ones. They’ve really helped keep down the swelling - they’re great. He also sends me home with antibiotics, pain medication, and ointment that I’m supposed to rub on the area where they made those small incisions.

During recovery, I’m also told to keep the treatment area clean and dry. I’m shown how to care for the bandages. Finally, I’m instructed to take it easy, but to be honest, I’m not so good about that latter part. I’m not a sitter, and I was up and moving around within 24 hours and resumed normal activities sooner than most. I’m sure there are people that wouldn’t be able to, but I was.

Results and Overall Experience

The liposuction results are amazing, and I honestly couldn't be happier with the experience as a whole. I wholeheartedly recommend this procedure and Dr. Breslow. His entire team is really caring and attentive. The office is really pleasant. I honestly can’t say enough, but if I had to highlight three things, I’d say that he’s caring, dedicated, and surrounds himself with professional and kind people.

Advice to Others

Go see Dr. Breslow. I recommend him for any plastic surgery procedure. Be it fat removal or something else. He was always there for me, answering all of my questions. He didn’t leave me wondering about a single thing, and he was always honest.

I trust him so much that I wish I’d gone to him when I had skin cancer. After the cancer was removed, I was left with a little shark bite on the back of my arm. I’ve since asked him if he thought I should have it removed, and he said, “It’s fine. You don’t need anything. It’ll make you stop and think ‘Hey, I had skin cancer and I’m a survivor.’” And you know what? He’s absolutely right.

Basically, he’s not out there looking for the money or anything like that. I trust his opinion and that means everything when it comes to finding the right surgeon.

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