Liposuction Turned into a beautiful BBL

SandraCris Patient gender: Female Patient age: 40 Cost: $7,000

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"Brazilian butt lift"


Performed 2017

Procedure review

I recently visited my board certified plastic surgeon because I wanted to get liposuction to my flanks and the lower part of my stomach. I have been exercising forever and still can't seem to get rid of this stubborn fat. I left with a clear understanding of the surgery and was scheduled to have it done within a month.

After browsing the internet about others experiences with liposuction I started seeing a lot of people mention liposuction with brazilian butt lift. I have of course heard about this before but I figured that this was major surgery. However, after reading a bunch of reviews online it seemed like Brazilian Butt Lift surgery was not as bad as I thought. I am a mother of 2 and have kind of lost my luscious curves that I had even just 5 years ago. I called my doctor and asked if I could come in for a quick one on one to see if I could parlay my lipo with a brazilian butt lift.

I have known my doctor for a long time so it wasn't weird to see him on such short notice. But I asked him what he thought about potentially doing liposuction to my sides and then using it as fat transfer to my butt. I always wanted a nicer butt but thought that I would have to do something weird like butt implants. When I read online and then learned from my doctor that a Brazilian Butt Lift was just using my own fat to reshape my booty, I figured this could be a good procedure for me. So after seeing my plastic surgeon twice in the matter of a week, I decided that I was going to now get a BBL. P.S - I live in Miami so I would fit right in.

I showed up for surgery early in the morning and it was pretty straight forward. I met with the anesthesiologist who told me that he would be administering general anesthesia. The doctor came in before I was put out and told me to relax and everything was going to be okay. I woke up a couple hours later in the post op recovery room. I felt a bit groggy and my sides and butt felt like someone had punched them over and over.

The nurse came in telling me that the BBL surgery was a success and went over some instructions that would help me heal and prevent infection. She provided me with a compression garment that I was supposed to wear to keep my butt in place as it healed. She told me it was going to be completely normal to see a lot of swelling and bruising because I did just have invasive surgery. It was important not to panic and know that it will be a bit painful for the next couple weeks. She advised that I do my best to stay off my feet but also off my butt. There was a pillow that I could buy that could help while I was lying down on my back. But it was also best to lay on my side.

The final results wouldn't be present for a few weeks to maybe a month because the swelling would be there and it also varies person to person what percentage of the fat cells are absorbed by the body. That is why the surgeon might put more than you think you needed in your butt and it could look huge. If this is the case do not worry it will come down - I promise.

The next couple weeks were a bit rough with pain but each day was a little better than the previous. They gave me pain medication which I used for probably 4 days before I switched to ibuprofen. I know my plastic surgery journey started off with just wanting liposuction and quickly veered to a butt augmentation (BBL surgery). But in the end, I got exactly what I wanted and am proud of my new behind and contoured flanks/stomach. Any surgical procedure poses risks but if you are in the right hands of an experienced plastic surgeon you will have a good butt lift experience. Good Luck!