Lips - Lip augmentation

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MindyStevens 36
Lips - Lip augmentation - review image.
Lips - Lip augmentation - review image.
Lips - Lip augmentation - review image.
Lips - Lip augmentation - review image.

Procedure specific satisfaction rating

Lip augmentation

Performed 2016

Zwivel Rating

Location: Salem, Oregon

Doctor: R. Jessie Edwards RN, MN, FNP-BC

Price: $500 per vial 

I got 1 syringe of Restylane silk. Jessie, the nurse practitioner used the syringe in my bottom lip, and my chin too! I’ve always felt that my upper lip protruded past my bottom lip, so I wanted to even them out. Also, I know I have such a weak chin, that I thought I’d try having a little more definition there.

 It was an hour for the total appointment, and she used a dental block first so I didn’t feel anything. It was like going to the dentist getting numbed up. Afterwards I was instructed not to work out for at least 2-3 days, continually ice the area, and stay up right for another 5 hours or so since the product can shift. Icing is THE BEST way to help the discomfort. After the dental block wears off, it hurts…and you’ll want to make sure you have ice packs at home (with ice packs and Tylenol is way manageable). Taking ibuprofen is discouraged since it can create more bruising. I also didn’t go anywhere the next day, but that’s just me. I would recommend having the next day off work- although it’s completely not necessary, for my first time I was grateful I had the weekend to re-coop. 

 I REALLY like the outcome. I think it’s helped give me more of a bottom lip and chin. I NOW want to try filler in both lips!