Love Botox But Got Bruises Last Time I Was Injected

Tags: age 25-34 forehead fine lines

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Botulinum toxin A

Performed 2017

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If you’re curious about Botox and considering having it done, I've gone 3 times to get Botox injections. My most recent injections were a few hours ago and they did not go so well. For the first time, I got visible bruises on my forehead (the only place I receive injections). During all of my previous Botox treatments I never had any bruising or swelling. The bruising I got this time around freaked me out and I frantically searched Google for answers. Turns out it's pretty common. I'll see what happens over the next few days...

I will say that my experience with Botox the two previous times I received it was very positive. I have used the same doctor for my Botox injections, so this most recent set of injections seems to be a rare side effect. My doctor was rubbing my forehead after the injections intensely, which he never did before, so I had a feeling he may have hit a blood vessel. The other times I was injected, I went back to work 30 minutes after I got injected.

I use Botox not because I have forehead lines but because I want to prevent them. And Botox has done a good job of preventing any wrinkles from forming on me. I really have to scrunch up my forehead for anyone to see any lines. I look completely natural too. 

My Botox injections cost $270 and last around 3 months.