Love Latisse: I don't Need to Rely on Fake Lashes Anymore

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Performed 2014

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Before starting Latisse I contemplated eyelash extensions and even booked an appointment to get it done. However, when I heard about the every 2-3 week maintenance and then some horror stories of my friend’s natural lashes falling out, I cancelled my appointment as soon as possible. I knew I had to find an alternative. Weeks went by and then a friend brought Latisse to my attention. I was intrigued and wanted to try it out immediately. However, when I heard about the high cost per bottle, I was conflicted. Over two hundred dollars for a little bottle that contained only a few millilitres, are they crazy? At the time I was a student and every dollar mattered. Therefore, I continued using individual false lashes and the stick on strip lashes for awhile longer. Yet, this added time to my routine and I could never get it quite right.

A couple of weeks went by and I decided to do some proper investigating, specifically on Latisse. I found out that a doctor’s note was needed to complete the purchase. So I booked my appointment with my family doctor, got a prescription, only to discover that the product was only available in the United States. I would have to wait weeks for it, pay in American dollars and I was not confident that they would even accept my Canadian doctor’s note. So I left it alone. A year or so went by and I ran across Latisse again when visiting my local spa. I asked if I could purchase this product and since the last time I saw it, the rules have changed. There was no need for a doctor’s note or prescription so I absorbed the information and walked out.

Latisse was designed for those who have hypotrichosis (ie abnormal hair patterns). That word itself sounded scary so I made sure to do additional research. Plus, I was worried about my eyelids darkening or becoming red near the lash line, random black specks in the iris, hair growing where it should not and of course an infection or unexpected reaction.

Ironically, while I was on a flight to London, England I happened to be seated next to Dr. Amir Rouzati. By some coincidence we started speaking about Latisse and he answered all of my questions and concerns. I made my decision to begin and knew that within eight to twelve weeks I would see results. When I got home from my trip, I took a leap of faith, went to pick up my bottle of Latisse and decided to document my experience for the fun of it.

The instructions tell you to start immediately by applying one drop of Latisse to one sterile brush per upper lash line, every day. I used Latisse at night as recommended to me, yet I did it every OTHER day for the first week. I made a judgment call for myself and I wanted to give my body time to adjust to something new. For example: Monday apply, Tuesday no, Wednesday apply, Thursday no, Friday apply, Saturday no, Sunday apply, and so forth. I must note that, it was very clear that I was not to apply Latisse to the bottom lash line, as the liquid somehow transfers over from the upper lash line. Furthermore, instead of putting the Latisse drop directly on the brush I have been carefully pouring Latisse into the inside of the green cap (of the bottle). It is easy and I have not had a negative experience with it yet.

I was also very conscious of wiping off the excess liquid around my eyes so the only hair that would grow is on my lashes. I watched a few videos of girls saying that they did not wipe the excess liquid off and they had little hairs growing on their cheeks. Overall, everything seemed to be okay for the first week so then I began to do apply Latisse daily. The instructions said to use one brush per lash line (eye), but after watching countless YouTube videos and using my general common sense, I decided on using one sterile brush for both applications (both eyes) each night. Then I tossed the brush out into the trash. Many people complained that the brushes were running out by the time they got to the end of their bottles so this was a good solution to avoid a problem that I did not want to happen. Therefore, to be clear that is one drop for one lash line and then using the same brush, applying another drop for the other lash line. I figured it would be okay as I use one mascara wand for both eyes on the daily, for months on end. Years later, I am still using this technique and most times I do not even use two drops of Latisse. I just use one as it saves product and I can maintain my look. I did this only after getting my desired results. For example, I stuck to a strict schedule for the first bottle, then the following bottles of Latisse I applied more sparsely with no impact on length or fullness to my lashes.

I started Latisse in 2014 and have been an regular customer since then. I have always purchased the larger (5ml) bottle as I did not want to make continuous trips to repurchase. From my experience, each bottle lasts approximately 6-8 months. It has now been approximately four years of continuous Latisse use and I have personally never been happier. I started off with light and short lashes and now I have darker, fuller, and definitely longer lashes. My issue now is having to wipe off the mascara around my inner eyebrows as my lashes keep grazing them. A problem I enjoy having. Plus, none of the side effects that I was worried about occurred. It was also reassuring to know that if I ever decided to forgo maintaining Latisse, in approximately eight weeks my lashes will return to their natural state. In the meantime, I have had an abundance of compliments on my lashes and I have referred at least a dozen friends and family members. Yes, it has been an investment but one I can justify. I can even go days without mascara and still feel beautiful, whereas before I felt like I needed that extra oomph. It is so liberating to not have to rely on fake lashes. Now I have great lashes that are my own and I do not only count on those night outs to feel extra special. 

Latisse Cost: Approximately $200 Canadian dollars per 5ml bottle (without taxes).

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