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I am a woman who gave birth several years ago, and the effects of carrying a child along with massive weight gain that came with it 70 plus pounds caused me to look for a surgical solution. Specifically, the excess skin that was left, even after I worked so hard to lose the baby weight was the issue. I found my arms to be very loose when I lifted them up, they shook and jiggle when I moved, and they gave me a very big and matronly appearance. People underestimate how important arms are in a woman’s overall appearance and I should it look like this. I wanted a slimmer, more athletic and youthful appearance and the only way to achieve this for my arms was to get a brachioplasty.

        I live in Wilmington Delaware and I search online for doctors in the Delaware and Pennsylvania area. I finally decided to go to dr. Ian Lonergan of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is a very competent surgeon and I put my life in his hands. From the beginning to the end he made me feel comfortable with not only my aesthetic decisions but also the risk that I will be taking going under having any surgery. I had my brachioplasty in conjunction with a tummy tuck procedure that altogether cost 12000 US dollars. The brachioplasty on its own would cost approximately $6,000 us but because I had two procedures done on the same day, the price was altered due to me not having to pay twice for operating room and anesthesia expenses. The surgery itself took approximately 4 hours if I remember correctly and that day when I woke up I honestly woke up feeling my arms more than I did the tummy tuck. The brachioplasty was and difficult healing process for me only because I am a mother and I am in the habit of using my arms a lot. I winded up moving a little bit too much, and I opened one of the stitches in my armpit my right armpit to be exact and that prolonged the healing process.

           One of the biggest things to keep in mind when having a brachioplasty is to try to keep still as much as possible. This is to avoid opening your arm rooms which is going to be extremely painful and I can attest to this because I experienced this. Another thing to think about is that these open rooms are going to be under your arms and this is a place where there can be a lot of sweat and movements so in May be better to do this surgery when it is colder outside. This is to avoid sweating as much as possible. I had my surgery December 29th, 2014. Lastly, I would say to make sure that you only have the surgery if you really need it to reduce the overall shape and size and flabbiness of your arm and if it will be worth having the huge scar that will go under your arm for life. In my opinion I would rather have the large scar that goes across my underarms then the excess skin, however if you are someone who only has a little bit of skin the scar may not be worth it. Especially if you are African American or have a skin type that is prone to form keloid scars as I do.

              Overall I can say that Dr. Lonergan has really transformed my body for the better with the brachioplasty that he has performed. I do not regret my decision and I also intend on having more work done by Dr. Lonergan. My arms are noticeably smaller and it makes me look overall smaller, surprisingly. It took a while to heal completely, the most annoying part was having to wear would dressing under my arms constantly and not being able to wear deodorant for 4 months, but in hindsight, it was worth it.

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