Loved My Jessner Chemical Peel So Much I'm Actually Excited For The Next One

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Performed 2017

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My name is Brooke Ashley, I’m 29 and I received my very first chemical peel the first week of October 2017. I’m not gonna lie to you, I was VERY nervous about getting this peel. I’ve struggled with adult acne for the last year which has left severe scarring on my face. There were also a few breakouts that I was unable to get rid of, so my aesthetician Ali Spatz at Trio Med Spa in Northbrook, Illinois, told me that I should try a Jessner peel. The cost was around $150 and might I say TOTALLY worth it.

The scariest part of this peel was the actual “peel” part, at least that’s what I thought. I work in the entertainment industry, so have lots of interviews & TV appearances so I didn’t want to look crazy on camera! The actual application of the peel stung a little bit, but it was completely tolerable and I kind of enjoyed it because that sting makes me feel like it’s working. The entire procedure took around 45 minutes including the prepping of my face with cleanser etc. To explain a little bit about how the peel was applied, it’s a solution applied in layers. Your aesthetician should apply a layer, then wait a few minutes to see how your skin reacts to the solution, and from that he/she should be able to determine whether you need more layers. I believe my face tolerated around 3-4 layers of the solution. I know it may sound silly, but you know when you eat chicken wings or something spicy and the way your lips tingle a little bit when you breathe in from the air? That’s kinda how it feels on your face. It doesn’t BURN, so don’t let the “chemical” word scare you. it just tingles a little bit. I will say though I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so it may not have been as bad for me as others. Immediately leaving the appointment I wasn’t allowed to put on any makeup, so I kind of looked a little bit orange all day, and had to leave on the solution for the remainder of the day and rinse of the next morning.

Now, I was comfortable going to work that day with no makeup on looking a little crazy because I’m comfortable with my co-workers, but if you have a professional job, I’d say do this after work or on the beginning of a weekend or vacation. Day 1 of the peel I saw no peel, my skin was just tight. I had that orange coloring of the peel on my skin and it started to get a little tight, but like I said, no peel. Day 2 of the peel I washed off the solution in the morning and applied a creme supplied to me by my aesthetician; skin felt very tight, but no peeling occured. About halfway through day 3 of the peel, BOOM, it just started randomly peeling. The only annoying thing about the peel is that you’re unable to pick at the peel, you must completely let it flake off itself. After day three and cleansing my face at night, the rest of the peel wasn’t that bad. There was still peeling day 4 and 5, but it was minimal and tolerable.

Overall the peel completely changed my face. Stubborn breakouts were gone, dark hyper-pigmentation from old acne was reduced. overall my skin just looked WAY better. Honestly, I’m so excited to do another peel. If you’re struggling with adult acne or hyper-pigmentation in away way, I’d recommend this to you! 

Ali Spatz

Northbrook, Illinois

Trio Med Spa - Northbrook, Illinois

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