Lower Eyelid Surgery Review A.K.A Lower Blepharoplasty, 27 Years Old, $1299 cost

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Lower eyelid lift

Performed 2015

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Want to know what was the most annoying thing to me? Getting asked if you’re tired or if you’ve slept when you just had a full night’s rest and are feeling super energized. I'm not that old and was even younger then, so of course I felt terrible when people were suggesting my youthful appearance was gone! Way to ruin my day. I could see where they were coming from, I mean, c’mon my under-eye bags were prominent and no amount of sleep or “home remedies” would cure that. Due to this lovely thing called genetics, my under-eye bags were inevitable and it was just a matter of time before they started to show. I just never expected it to be as soon as I turned 1. I never though I would need cosmetic eyelid surgery at such a young age.

Growing up, I was never bothered by looking at myself and seeing these lower bags under my eyes. I’ve always had them and knew nothing else so I felt they were a part of me. It wasn’t until my high school years and later that I really became bothered. I got into modeling and doing photoshoots and with photoshoots comes lighting and cameras that enhance any and every feature you might have, whether you love or hate it. See where I’m going here? Well after causing extra work for photographers to “Photoshop”, I just knew that I had to do something, not just for them, but for myself.

I did what anyone would do, and If I'm guessing correctly, what you might be doing right now; searching the internet for anything I could find on removing these things that I’ve held on to for so long. With no avail, I didn’t find anything that truly helped my decision or eased the anxiety about how this was going to get done. One day, while driving in my car, I heard an advertisement on the radio for this place called Strax Rejuvenation. They spoke about numerous procedures such as tummy tucks, fat transfers, breast augmentations, etc. As I got home, I went on their website and lo and behold, I see something that had my eyes glued to the screen……. Blepharoplasty. Ble…pha …what?? There were before and after pictures of women and men whose eyes looked like mine! Wait, so I’m not the only one! What a relief. I found their number, called them up and asked about the procedure. They led me to know that I would need to come in for an initial visit before I could do anything else, which I then proceeded to schedule.

3 days later, there I am for my initial consultation, sitting in a lobby filling out paperwork on if I had any previous medical conditions, cosmetic surgery, allergies, etc., waiting for someone to come out and get me. I was so nervous. I got called to the back and now I’m sitting with the man that soon would become my miracle worker. Dr. Stanley Sherman, a board-certified plastic surgeon (you can check if your doctor is a board-certified by visiting the American Society of Plastic Surgery - ASPS - website and looking your doctor up. The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - ASAPS - is another site you can visit.). Upon examining my under eyes, he concluded that I was a good candidate for the blepharoplasty procedure, although he was apprehensive due to my age, he stated that the cause was genetic and not “lack of sleep.”

From the consultation and knowing that this was something I really wanted to get done, I placed a $500 deposit toward the surgical procedure that would eventually change my life. I continued to make payments until they were all complete, so I could schedule my surgery date. On March 23, 2015, I walked into the surgery center and was wheeled into an operating room.

I was under local anesthesia (general anesthesia is when you're knocked out completely), meaning I was aware of what was happening and just the eye area where the surgery was being performed was numb. They had a blood pressure, heart monitor and some other lines hooked up to me, but I didn't feel a thing. The surgery lasted about 20 mins, 10 minutes for each eye and it was completely painless. The incision was under my lash line so there is minor a scar but cannot be easily detected. After the surgery, my recovery process was a breeze. I used a cold wet compresses/gauze to ease the swelling and bruising in the lower eyelid area, while also taking painkiller pills for any discomfort. I’m happy to say that I was back to work within 5 days. At this point, I still had some fine suture in my eye, but they were hardly detectable. They eventually fell out and the sight of the incision wasn’t even visible. My entire recovery period only took a few weeks and I was back doing strenuous activity, exercising, etc. after that.

I was now happy to take pictures without having to “edit” my eyes before posting and now, 2 years later, I do not regret it at all. Many people are afraid of the surgery because of the thought of the incision or pain, but what I like to say is, don’t let fear overcome you from what you really want. If something is bothering you and you have the chance to fix it, I’m all for it. I’ve always been a confident person, so imagine how I feel now that no one can ask me if I’m tired or if I need sleep anymore! Now, I’m having an AMAZING day!

If you're considering having an eyelid procedure, I would highly recommend visiting a board-certified plastic, facial or oculoplastic surgeon. You can research this by Googling 'certification matters' and looking up the credentials of your doctor. Good luck with your search for a doctor! As long as you do your research, this will be one of the best decisions of your life!

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