March 2018: VI Chemical Peel Experience

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VI Peel Aftercare Instructions 1/2 - March 2018: VI Chemical Peel Experience  - review image.
VI Peel Aftercare Instructions 2/2 - March 2018: VI Chemical Peel Experience  - review image.
Before VI Chemical Peel - March 2018: VI Chemical Peel Experience  - review image.
Right After My VI Chemical Peel - March 2018: VI Chemical Peel Experience  - review image.
2 Weeks After My VI Chemical Peel - March 2018: VI Chemical Peel Experience  - review image.

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Chemical Peel


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Why I Decided to Get a Chemical Peel:

I wanted to get a chemical peel to remove some skin imperfections I had. There were a few spots of hyperpigmentation on my face I wanted removed and I was looking for an overall improvement in my skin tone. My friend's wife, Megan, is a physician assistant at Image Dermatology in Montclair, NJ. She recommended I try a medium depth chemical peel called the VI Peel.

Receiving The Chemical Peel: 

Before applying the VI Peel, Megan cleaned my face with an alcohol swab. This was necessary to remove any excess dirt I had on my skin, so the peel would work evenly, without missing any spots. She then applied the peeling solution, which was orange/brown in color. (The coloring of the solution reminded me of a spray tan. See the picture labeled 'right after my VI peel' below.) I could feel a little bit of a burning sensation as the peel was being applied. Megan had a small fan blowing on my face, which helped calm the burning. The entire chemical peel took 20 minutes. The peel itself was only 10 minutes and Megan spent 10 minutes going over how the peel worked and my aftercare instructions.

VI Peel Aftercare Instructions:

For post-peel aftercare you're given a kit that contains 3 towelettes. The towelettes feel like those hand sanitizer wipes you're given at BBQ place. You use 1 towelette 4 hours after your peel, 1 an hour before you go to bed and 1 and 1 the second night after your peel. You use the towelette to vigorously cleanse and exfoliate your skin. When I used the first towelette, I noticed much of the orange/brown peel solution had come off. I applied a protectant lotion following each towelette. This acted as a moisturizer to calm my skin.

Post-Peel Process:

For the first 48 hours after your peel, your skin feels really tight, but you don't think it's going to peel. I thought that the peel didn't work at first. Then on the morning of the third day after my peel, I started to peel a lot. I continued peeling for 3 days. I had to constantly apply moisturizer during this period. I would recommend not going out in public during the days that you start peeling heavily. (e.g. Or get your peel on a Thursday, so the worst days of peeling are over the weekend) I have a flexible job where I'm allowed to work from home and I took advantage of that during days 3-5 post peel. I wasn't red or anything, but there was lots of dead skin falling off of my face. By day 5 onwards, 95% of the peeling process is over and your skin feels dry. The dryness went away on day 7 and 8.

Thoughts on The VI Peel: 

I had the VI Peel two weeks ago and my skin looks great. It evened my skin tone and I have already received compliments. A woman who I'm friendly with at the gym asked me what I did to my skin and when I told her, she made an appointment with her dermatologist to get a VI Peel. I plan on getting another VI Peel in the future and will be returning to see Megan. She was absolutely fantastic and was really kind (And I'm not just saying that because she's my friend's wife!). I think the VI Peel is a great treatment and should be part of your skin care regimen. The only downside is the cost, which is normally $450. Fortunately, I received a discount.

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Jeanine Downie

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