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Hi - My name is Misty and this was my experience having microblading.

Before I got my eyebrows microbladed, I had considered other permanent makeup treatments, because I wanted to have extra time in the morning every day to not have to color and powder my eyebrows. I was a bit nervous to actually go through with what is basically an eyebrow tattoo, because I wondered what I would do if I was not happy with the way the blading looked. I eventually convinced myself the procedure would be worth and went to Making Beauty By Lilly in Melbourne, Florida for my eyebrow microblading sessions.

I was a little nervous on the day of my procedure, but excited about how I'd look. When I first arrived, I was given numbing cream and it needed to sit for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the skin time to be numbed completely. After the microblading technician and I went over the look and shape I wanted, she made sure that I was happy with everything we had discussed before she started.

The first thing she did was make tiny hair strokes through my brows to restore the look of where I had been missing my natural hair, which was caused by over plucking over the years. Thank goodness for the numbing cream, the tool that she used was very sharp and I'm sure I would have felt pain if I was not completely numb.

The hair strokes took about an hour total to do both brows. When the technician was done, she showed me what I looked like in a mirror. I told her I wanted the look of powdered brows all the time. To give me that look, it required the technician to tap the blade many times into my brows. More times than she had done previously. This was rather uncomfortable, but not unbearable and was totally worth it once I got a glimpse at the results. From start to finish, my microblading procedure took about 2 1/2 hours, which is not bad at all. At the end of my appointment, I was given a cream to put on my brows to help with the healing process.

4 to 6 weeks later, I had to return to Making Beauty for a touch-up appointment. This treatment was shorter than my original treatment and went about the same way.

I am now obsessed with my new brows and would totally do it again in a second. My brow hairs have a natural look and I would highly recommend microblading. It is amazing how brows can change the look of someone's face. A few hours of being uncomfortable and having your eyebrows poked is definitely something I would recommend for anyone that is not happy with missing brow hairs or unhappy with their shape. Having to do less work in the morning to get ready is so nice. All in all, this was a great experience and I now have amazing brows.

The cost of my microblading treatment was $399.

I horn mind done by her and i didnt like them. I got them removed and a a big go issue. I would suggest most people to do their research as I was just so excited at first. I then went to a guy named “The beauty mark By Ronnie ronnie” and Fixed then and did An awesomeness job.