Microblading Fixed My Over Plucked Brows

AlejandraRico Patient gender: Female Patient age: 33 Cost: $350

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Before Microblading Treatment - Microblading Fixed My Over Plucked Brows  - review image.
Before Microblading - Microblading Fixed My Over Plucked Brows  - review image.
After Microblading - Microblading Fixed My Over Plucked Brows  - review image.
After Microblading - Microblading Fixed My Over Plucked Brows  - review image.
Stages of Microblading Treatment - Microblading Fixed My Over Plucked Brows  - review image.

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Performed 2018

Procedure review

I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed because I had thicker brows growing up as a kid and during my high school years, thin brows were popular and so I over tweezed my natural brows to the point that my brow hairs didn’t grow back to how full they used to be. Fast forward to today, I always hated my thin brows and so I found myself spending money on products to fill them in and even though I was able to build up my brow nicely with makeup, it was never permanent, so I found myself doing this every single day.

I decided to research microblading for a few months. I wanted an option that made my brows look thicker and natural at the same time. I was skeptical because I automatically thought about old school eyebrow tattoos that looked like blocks and I did not want that at all! I finally found Reve Microblading on Instagram under @revemicroblading and @beauty_at_reve. Over the course of a month, I kept asking them a few questions. My first question was, I have oily skin, can I get my brows microbladed? They asked for a picture of my current brows at the time and after seeing my brows, they said I should be a good candidate for microblading. (I think the more hair you have naturally, the better it is for oily skin because they are able to put the strokes further away from each other incase the strokes bleed from the oily skin) She encouraged me to check out their frequently asked questions page in case I had further questions. You can find that at revemicroblading.com/faqPlease note that I don’t have excessively oily skin, but I do have combination skin, and that is why I felt the need to ask about that issue.

After reading the FAQ, I decided to book my appointment. So in order to book your appointment, you have to read their FAQ. This is because they want to make sure that everybody understands what they are signing up for. Microblading is in fact a tattoo. Getting a tattoo is not something that should be taken lightly. The only difference with microblading is that they don’t go as deep into the skin as traditional tattoos. This takes me to the next point. Because the pigment is not inserted as deep as traditional tattoos, you will see some fading and so she recommends doing touch ups once every 1-3 years. Everybody’s skin is different and so it depends on how much fading you have over time. If you don’t touch it up ever then you’ll just be left with a slight shadow where ever the hairs were initially placed.

I booked my appointment with Anahi at Reve Microblading. I paid $350. In order to book your appointment, you must leave a non refundable deposit of $100. The very first visit, you pay $250 plus what your deposit was. After that, you book an optional 6 week follow up appointment, and that is where you pay $150. If you do the follow up appointment then your total goes up to $500.

She recommends walking in with makeup on your brows, so she can have an idea on how you prefer your eyebrows to look. After that, she removes your makeup and starts measuring your facial features and starts building your brows to best fit those features. After she draws out what could potentially be your new brow, she shows them to me and I loved the drawing of them so she began the procedure. She said that since my natural hair is dark that she would be using the darkest pigment color to make them look as natural as can be.

The whole procedure was not painful, the only uncomfortable part was when she poked the skin to put on the numbing cream. After that I did not feel a thing. You can however hear the blade scrape your skin which sounds weird but I did not feel a thing. It took her about 2 hours from start to finish and I was pleasantly surprised with how natural my brows looked afterwards!

She sent me home with water wipes, ointment, and some q tips along with some post care instructions. For the next 10 days I wasn’t allowed to do any heavy sweating, keep my brows dry was a must. No makeup allowed near the area. No scratching or rubbing, no sun exposure. I was to wipe my brows every fifteen minutes for the first 2 hours and apply ointment to them after every wipe. After the first two hours you then repeat the process every 3 hours until bedtime and then once a day for the next ten days. She explained to me that I would see the brows become very dark and that was normal. She said that once they start healing, I would be very itchy and evenly the scabs will harden and fall off in chunks. The healing was definitely a roller coster with the itchiness and scabs falling off and the brows looking patchy, but after 10 days I was able to resume normal activity such as washing my brows with soap and water and was able to use makeup. I love my brows very much because they look so natural and I don’t have to fill them in everyday anymore.

I am 31 years old and I live in Berwyn, Illinois. The procedure was done out of OakBrook, Illinois. The procedure was done by Anahi (@revemicroblading).

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