Microblading Procedure Reshaped My Eyebrows

BrowGrl1 Patient gender: Female Patient age: 24 Cost: $400

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Performed 2017

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Today we are going to talk about microblading. I recently got my eyebrows microbladed and I’d like to take you through the entire process , including the first 10 days after I got it done, the different care instructions, my end results, and my recommendation as to whether it’s worth the money. Microblading has recently exploded as a new trend, even though eyebrow tattoos has been around for a while. Microblading aims to be a more natural procedure with a more natural look. It works by using a needle to slice parts of your skin, which is then filled with pigment. It sounds more terrifying than it actually is, especially because you don’t see this happening.

Before the procedure, I didn’t have much brow hair. I would always have to paint them on and even when I would go makeup free, I would never neglect my eyebrows. I honestly was very insecure and felt like an alien. I know there are people who like this look and I have no problem with that at all; it just wasn’t for me. In addition to this, my wedding was coming up, which was a main contributor to my decision. It’s one of the most photographed days of your life and I wanted to look my best! I always remember wishing there was some sort of permanent makeup so I didn't have to go through this process everyday of painting in my eyebrows.

I should mention that I’m not typically someone who spends that kind of money on these types of things. Depending on the place and location, I’ve seen prices range anywhere from $200 to over $1,000 for new brows. So definitely do your research! Creep on people’s Instagram, ask for recommendations, and make sure the place you end up choosing uses hygienic methods. It goes without saying that you do not want an infection as a result of the procedure.

The procedure of microblading eyebrows itself was very easy. The initial appointment is typically the longest, but even with that, I was only there for a couple of hours which the technician spent mostly on mapping out my eyebrows. They use a pencil and take various measurements, making sure that you like what you see along the way. Depending on your face shape and your preference of your brow shape could change how the technician draws them on. If you have any issues, they will adjust the pencil marks before proceeding. After that, they get to work by doing the hair strokes. Typically, after this, you will go back for a touch-up 6 weeks later where they redo the strokes and fill with the pigment, which supposedly lasts for about 2 years.

A lot of people ask about the pain involved. Before getting into it, I should definitely mention that I’m a super wimp when it comes to pain! I have a very low pain tolerance so I’m definitely the right person to ask about this. Before the procedure, I explained this to the technician so she took her time and used a good amount of numbing cream. With that said, I can say that it was tolerable and anytime it started to hurt a little, the technician would pause. Basically, I would compare it to having your eyebrows threaded, but a little more painful.

One thing that I encountered was bleeding during the procedure. This is not a factor for everyone; it just so happened that I was a bleeder. This complicates things a bit because it makes it more difficult for the pigment to stick. Basically, they’re putting pigment into your skin and when the skin heals, the pigment is trapped. With bleeding, some of the pigment comes out with it.

The first 10 days after the procedure were a little disheartening because my new brows started to fade more and more by the day. I should mention that I got the lightest pigment available, but when I went back for my touch-up, I decided to go for a deeper pigment. I didn’t want to pay the money to not get perfect eyebrows that were noticeable. During the 10 days, there are certain things you need to do to cleanse your brows. It starts 1 hour from when you get home from the procedure and it involves washing your brows with gold dial soap and a little baby shampoo. I would apply either of these in a circular motion, followed by light pad drying and air drying. After this, you need to apply petroleum jelly, the amount for each brow being the size of a grain of rice. This cleanse needs to be done twice a day for the first 10 days after the microblading.

A couple other important things to keep in mind: you have to be careful to keep your brows dry otherwise. I showered maybe twice in the 10 days which was hard, but the healing process was most important to me. I always had a towel to wipe down my forehead for extra protection. In addition, you’re not allowed to work out for these 10 days to protect your brows from sweat, which could all negatively affect the pigmentation and results. Another important tip is not to pick the scabs! This could be tough because you will most likely experience an itching sensation, but absolutely do not give in.

After my touch up, I waited a couple of months before giving my final analysis because as I mentioned, it fades a bit. In the final analysis, I have to say I have pretty close to perfect brows. It is pretty much completely filled in and very natural looking. Of all the benefits, I finally feel comfortable enough with my brows where I do not feel the necessity to always wear makeup. So as for my recommendation, if you have little to no brows like I did, I would 100% look into microblading. Do your research and invest in the procedure because it really makes things much more convenient.