Microblading Truly Perfected My Eyebrows

JEadie Patient gender: Female Patient age: 35 Cost: $750

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After Microblading Treatment - Microblading Truly Perfected My Eyebrows  - review image.

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Performed 2017

Procedure review

Like many other women in the 90’s when thin eyebrows were all the rage I had over plucked mine and the ends of them never grew back properly. My left eyebrow was always different in the fact that the hair grew upwards on the end instead of down like my right one so it was always a struggle to pencil them in to make them look symmetrical. I had dreamed about what it would be like to just get out of the shower and go out without having to do my makeup! Microblading was becoming very popular and seemed like the answer to my prayers.

About 1 year ago when I was 32 years old I began searching for people through Instagram that did the procedure in my city of Toronto, Canada. I was very pleased to find amazing before and after pictures done by Brow Beaute (Tiffany Chen).

The initial cost was $500 (CAD) but has since went up to $750(CAD) due to her skill and high demand for service. The cost includes:

-Initial Consultation and microblading procedure

-6-8 week touch up microblading procedure which will perfect the results

Prior to the first appointment you are told to bring pictures of yourself with how you like your eyebrows to be filled in. After a brief discussion with Tiffany she measured and drew an outline on my eyebrows where she would be placing the hair strokes. After confirming that I liked the shape she started the procedure.

Numbing cream was placed on my brows for about 15 minutes prior to the start of my appointment. I was expecting it not to hurt at all but I was surprised when it did. It is more of an annoying type of pain (like when you pluck an eyebrow hair close to your eyelid area). I think the fact that you can hear the tool slicing your skin is what bothered me (Think an X-ACTO blade with Velcro on it) I would rate it 6/10 discomfort level. Personally, I would prefer to get a tattoo over this any day but the end result is worth it!

After the technician passes through your eyebrows once with the tool they usually apply a little more numbing cream and after that I did not feel a thing (only heard the noises). I will say the second time I went for my touch up appointment it did not hurt all.

I have very thick, dark brown eyebrows to begin with so initially after you get them done I was not prepared for the healing process:

1.They immediately look very dark/sharpie drawn on effect

2.The second day I find to be the worse as they will appear very dark and the scab starts to form.

3.Days 3-5 the scab will slowly start to shed exposing the true, lighter more natural color.

You will look very crazy during this time as you have scabs throughout your eyebrows with some areas being darker than others.

I would STRONGLY avoid doing this procedure anywhere close to a big event in your life and would recommend doing them when you can take a couple days off to hide out in your house because they will look crazy at first! You might initially feel like you made a mistake but trust the healing process and after about 1 week you will feel much better.

After about 7 days I saw the true results which I loved.

I was encouraged to avoid direct contact with water or sweating for the first week and to apply coconut oil to my brows if they became itchy or dry. You must avoid makeup on them for a week as well to prevent any infection.

The 6-8 week touch up appointment is where the real magic happens and it is here where you can really have the technician perfect the shape and color. The healing process is not as bad the second time around as they are not doing as many strokes.

I have since went for a 9 month touch up appointment to boost the overall color to be a little darker and was told I might not need another touch up for 2 years. The 9 month touch up appointment was $150 (CAD) and I found this one TRULY perfected my brows and I couldn’t be any happier!

I no longer need to feel self-conscious around people after I get out of the shower, while swimming or even getting facials at the spa where they remove your makeup.

Overall, I would recommend this procedure but make sure to go to someone who has years of experience and is in a clean, safe work establishment. Just know the healing aspect is an emotional process but worth it in the end!

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