Microneedling Improved The Appearance of My Skin When Wearing Makeup

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Performed 2018

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I am 23 years old and I am located in Bellevue, Washington. My esthetician who did my microneedling procedure was Julia Griebel, who is also located in Bellevue.

I paid $0, because it was part of a collaboration that I did with Julia, where I filmed my entire experience on my youtube channel, but she normally charges $220 for the procedure.

I was interested in microneedling because I’ve seen the extreme procedures on social media (Kim K’s vampire facial, and other videos on Instagram) and I was curious of how effective it would be and the effect that it would have on my skin. I knew it was a pricier procedure but my curiosity finally got the best of me, and I scheduled an appointment with Julia.

For our consulation, Julia took a look at my skin and noted that I had great skin and I took great care of it, and I let her know my concerns were that my skin was very oily, but I did a lot of exfoliating and using chemical exfoliants to keep my skin soft and smooth. She let me know that a result of microneedling would be my skin would be more soft and supple and absorb serums and moisturizers more easily. I was also under the impression that only certain skin types would benefit from microneedling, but Julia informed me that those would dry skin to those with oily, acne prone skin would see pleasing results.

The preparation for the microneedling took longer than the procedure itself, and involved the esthetician washing my face, cleaning my skin, and numbing it, to prep my face for the microneedling. She then applied a thick layer of Hyaluronic Acid to my skin and began microneedling. It felt like a cat scratching its nails across my face in small strokes and although it was a little uncomfortable, it wasn’t unbearable, and I’ve had my brows microneedled before, and this experience was far less painful than that. She went in small sections on my forehead, then my cheeks, then my chin, etc. It took her about 15-20 minutes to finish microneedling my skin, and I felt a slight tingling sensation afterwards and my skin was a little red, but because of the numbing cream that she used, I wasn’t in pain. I didn’t notice a huge difference right away, but over the next few days and when I applied my skincare and makeup, I saw a difference. I even noticed that a few of the acne scars on my chin had faded slightly.

I was instructed not to wear makeup for 2 days, wear sunscreen every day, and I could only use gentle skincare on my skin for the next few days (so I couldn’t use my hyaluronic acid toner of any of my AHAs or BHA serums). The first few days I noticed that my skin did look plumper and brighter, and absorbed my serums and moisturizers liked a sponge. I was told not to touch my face, but I couldn’t help myself from feeling my skin and how supple and smooth it felt! I was in love with my skin and I saw an immediate result from day 1, and it was a long lasting result. By the 3rd day, when I applied my makeup, it went on so smoothly, and fell in love with my skin and the effect microneedling had on it. It wasn’t a noticeable difference when I wasn’t wearing makeup, but I noticed when applying my skincare and applying makeup that my base looked so much better than it did before. I will definitely be going back to have a couple more procedures done.

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