Microneedling is Improving My Acne Scars

AlexandriaS Patient gender: Female Patient age: 31 Cost: $1,000

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Hours After First Microneedling Session - Microneedling is Improving My Acne Scars - review image.
1/3 Through My Microneedling Sessions - Microneedling is Improving My Acne Scars - review image.
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Performed 2018

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I decided to go to a cosmetic dermatologist because I wanted to try and get rid of my acne scarring. I am 29 years old and I am acne prone. After consulting with a friend in the field, I found Rejuvenations Medical Spa in Irmo, South Carolina. It took about two months to get a consult appointment due to the busy practice. 

When I went for my consult, I met with one of the nurses on staff named April. I explained to her my concerns and issues regarding my skin. She was very friendly and willing to answer my questions. I do wish she had been more thorough in her presentation of the various procedures. However, she did answer all of my questions and I could have asked more had I chosen to do so. The consult itself only took about 20 minutes. From the consult, she recommended a package of 3 microneedling and 3 laser treatments which alternate every two weeks based on my skin concerns. She noted that generally one treatment was not enough to clear up acne scarring. At this time I have completed one microneedling and one laser procedure. (Pictures are post microneedling only). I was able to take advantage of a Mother's day sale package and paid approximately $1000 for the entire package. I am told without the discount this package runs $1200.

As I mentioned, the first procedure scheduled was the microneedling. I was very nervous about my first visit, but the office is a very friendly and relaxing place which put me at ease. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the nurse I met with would be the one performing the procedures. The procedure is a multi-step process. First, they cleanse your face followed by an acetone treatment. (This did not smell very good as you can imagine.) After they have done this, they apply a numbing cream to your skin which they leave on for about 30 minutes. You rest in the room while the numbing cream is setting on your skin. I would recommend having your phone with you as this part gets kind of boring, but you could always take a nap. The microneedling itself takes about 15 to 20 minutes. I was very worried that it would hurt but I was surprised that it was more comfortable than expected. It kind of feels like a cat is licking your face really hard. The most uncomfortable area was my chin. There is a bit of discomfort, but it really isn't very bad.  The sound the machine makes is a bit jarring and you may get a bit of pinpoint bleeding. (The nurse informed me that this was normal.) It should be noted I have a pretty low threshold for pain. Following the microneedling she applied a cream and told me to stay out of the sun for several days. In total I was in the office for just over an hour. 

Following the treatment, my face was very red and swollen within the first hour or so of the treatment. I was instructed to use only a gentle cleanser and moisturizer until Monday (the procedure was on Friday). For the remainder of the weekend my face became progressively less swollen and sensitive. My skin also started to peel a bit (as I was instructed it would). Within the next week my face returned to normal and I was able to return to my regular skincare routine. I did notice some minimal improvement in my acne scarring after one session, but I didn't expect much given she had told me to expect it would take several visits. One thing of note, I did get a few minor breakouts following the session. She noted that some people are sensitive to the numbing cream but that it shouldn't happen again. 

Overall, I have had a very positive experience at Rejuvenations Medical spa so far and I am looking forward to finishing the package I purchased. It is very clean and the staff is very friendly and the prices feel fair based on the procedures you are receiving. I would recommend them to someone who is looking to receive skincare treatments. 

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