Microneedling is Only Slightly Effective

MelonyK Patient gender: Female Patient age: 26 Cost: $20

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Performed 2018

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In my opinion, microneedling is only slightly effective. I started using a microneedling roller about a year ago for some pitted acne scars I have on my face. I don’t have a lot of money and I could not afford the more expensive acne scar treatments like lasers or deep chemical peels. My microneedling roller cost $20 and I had to buy 2 over the past year (needles become dull over time). I used the roller at night 3 times a week and pressed it down pretty hard when I used it. The day after I used the roller, my scars nearly vanished, but then the night after I didn’t use the roller, my scars would return. After 3-4 months, I think my scars became a little less deep, but they were still there.

I would say for the cost, microneedling is worth it. It’s not going to make your acne scars or wrinkles disappear, but it will give you a slight improvement. For $20, it’s worth giving it a shot. It might work better for you than it worked for me.

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Microneedling really works ... even though not completely. I've tried it before and it was quite amazing. You can really see the results, as long as you continue using it. I can see my scars become less visible. If you want your scars to disappear completely and quickly, you can try All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream. Of course, ask your doctor first before using it. I read hydroquinone shouldn't be used with other medicines.