Microneedling Really Made a Difference In My Skin Quality

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I am 19 years old and I decided to go with microneedling because it was recommended by my doctor, Dr. Peraza, and I have read online that it is very good for many reasons. I got the procedure done at Sahara Medical Institute in Las Vegas, NV, and the price was about $250. Prior to doing microneedling, I would get microdermabrasion and LED light therapy for my acne, once that cleared up, I was looking for a way to shrink my pores and get rid of the acne scars, and of course plump my skin. How the procedure worked is that my esthetician gave me a “mini facial” and cleansed my skin first. Later she put on a topical anesthesia to numb the pain from the microneedles. As she was doing the actual procedure of microneedling, the pain level was very mild. Some areas felt more sensitive than others. I would say that my nose is the area that felt the most sensitive. But the pain level truly depends on the patient’s tolerance. My esthetician told me that she cried like a baby when she was getting the same procedure done, and that I had a high tolerance for pain because I also did not bleed very much.

Side Note: The first and second time I got it done: barely any bleeding. Third time: I was on my period therefore I felt a little more sensitive and bled more. DON’T get it done the week of your period.

Afterwards, she put a soothing, moisturizing sheet mask on for about 25 minutes to help calm the skin. Since your skin will be very sensitive, the mask will burn once it is on your skin… A LOT. But after a couple of minutes you start to feel the cooling effect. Afterwards your face will feel very tight and dry (make sure to drink plenty of water post-procedure) you will feel like you have a sunburn on your face for the first two days and your skin will feel stiff. During the recovery process, try not to wear makeup, avoid heat, sunlight, and sweating.

What I’ve learned is that microneedling damages the top layer of your skin and promotes collagen to repair the damaged tissue. So, you pretty much get a fresh, new layer of skin! Pretty cool! It is generally recommended that you do the treatment once a month for three months. Although I have done it three times already, I did it every two months. But for no specific reason. My medical spa had a post treatment kit to purchase afterwards that costs $99 but it should last you the full three treatments if used correctly. It included a sheet mask, cleanser, moisturizer, sun screen, vitamin C serum, and a calming serum if you feel a lot of discomfort. You may also experience some peeling, BUT THAT IS GOOD! Like I said, it is like you’re getting a new layer of skin! So, the more your skin peels during the recovery process, the better! I was able to start wearing makeup three days after the treatment but I say my skin did not fully heal until a full two weeks after the treatment.

The first time I got the treatment my face stayed really red for three days, but it was a different story for the third treatment. After the third treatment, I felt like my skin healed a lot quicker. My skin was mostly even again after 35 hours! Of course, it was not completely perfect after such a short amount of time but it was a lot faster than before.

Two weeks post-treatment, I could really see a difference in my skin. I noticed my acne scars had faded and my skin looked more even and plump! Not to mention the minimized pores which really helped my confidence in my skin! 

Dr. Peraza

Las Vegas, NV

Sahara Medical Institute - Las Vegas, NV

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