Microneedling Works Well. Before and After Photos of My Treatment!

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Microneedling Works Well. Before and After Photos of My Treatment! - review image.
Microneedling Works Well. Before and After Photos of My Treatment! - review image.
Microneedling Works Well. Before and After Photos of My Treatment! - review image.

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Performed 2016

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Hello, my name is Kyra Knox, I'm 26 and on February 27, 2017, I had the Skin Pen, better known as microneedling, procedure done on my entire face. Throughout my adolescent and young adult years, I suffered severe acne and had permanent blemishes as a result. Aside from the hyperpigmentation, I also had uneven skin texture, prominent “smile lines” and large pores. I wasn’t very confident wearing a bare face with no makeup, and as a makeup lover, I would get frustrated that my makeup didn’t look nice and smooth because of my skin issues. So, one day I just got fed up and decided to consider a cosmetic procedure to fix the problem.

I had recently moved to the Austin area, so I wasn’t familiar with local med spas or plastic surgeons. After researching and reviewing tons of locations that perform cosmetic procedures nearby, I decided to check out Austin Med Spa. On February 17, I went to the Med Spa to have an initial consultation with Erica, a medical aesthetician, regarding potential treatments.

When I arrived at the beautiful office, I was pleasantly greeted by the receptionist and was asked to fill out a few new patient forms before moving forward. Once the paperwork was complete, I was introduced to Erica and escorted to a room in the back to begin the consultation. I started out by explaining how I felt about my skin, the areas I wanted to focus on, and my overall budget. Erica then proceeded to explain my treatment options and informed me that the Skin Pen, a tool that has tiny needles on the bottom of it. It uses fine needles to make thousands of micro-injuries in the skin to initiate the body’s wound healing process to stimulate collagen production. Your skin cells are instructed to produce new collagen, resulting in a more even skin texture, minimized fine lines, and a reduction in pore size. Microneedling can be done with different needle lengths, depending on what you're treating. Longer needles are used to treat larger, deeper wrinkles and deeper scars, while shorter needles are used to treat shallow scars and fine lines. After some discussion, we agreed that the Skin Pen would be the best option and I would return 2 weeks later to do the treatment. During our first interaction, Erica made me feel extremely comfortable. She was polite and professional, yet still personable which was perfect for a first-timer like myself.

Two weeks later, I returned to the Austin Med Spa office for my microneedling treatment. First, she applied a numbing cream all over my face and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Once my face felt nice and numb, it was time to lie on the table and perform the actual procedure. She started on the left side of my face and began moving the Skin Pen in small stroke motions. She worked her way up from my chin and jawline area towards my forehead. I will admit that although the pain was bearable, I could feel the needles puncturing my skin more around the eye and temple area. Overall, the process was quick and smooth, and Erica even took a little more time with the Skin Pen on my areas of concern, which were the pores on my cheek and my “smile lines”. The entire procedure took about 30-40 minutes, and once we were done she provided me with a topical gel and moisturizer to apply every time I wash my face for next 7 days or until I run out of product.

Immediately after the microneedling treatment, my face was very red and irritated, and my pores were surprisingly larger than before. Erica reminded me not to be alarmed, as that was a normal side effect of the procedure. She mentioned that once the redness goes away in about 24 hours, my skin would be very dry and I may even experience some peeling…and that is exactly what I experienced. I couldn’t wear makeup for about a week because my skin kept flaking and peeling, however once the peeling ceased, my skin was smoother and softer than ever. So my overall recovery time wasn't that long at all. I also saw a significant reduction in my pore size and even noticed that my hyperpigmentation had improved, which made me extremely happy!! I was so thrilled to see the results I had always wanted and ever since I had the microneedling treatment done, I have received countless compliments on how amazing my skin looks. I never thought I’d be as confident as I am today with my bare skin, but I absolutely love the results! I would highly recommend the Austin Med Spa for your cosmetic procedure needs and microneedling works!

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