MiraDry Is the Kind of Life-Changing Procedure I Wish I Could Have Done Sooner

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It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I’ve long had a problem with excessive underarm sweating. It’s difficult to deal with, and I wish that a solution like MiraDry had been available years ago. In any case, I’m glad that I went to Dr. Gary Breslow’s office and finally did something about my hyperhidrosis.

Getting Started With MiraDry

Speaking honestly, I didn’t set out to research a solution to my problem. In a way, it just fell in my lap. I was in the same building as Dr. Breslow’s office for an appointment with another doctor when I saw his sign. I went home and looked up his practice, and I think it was there on the website that I saw information about the MiraDry treatment. I’d never heard of it before.

I didn’t bother looking into other surgeons. Dr. Breslow’s office was in a convenient location, and when I first went in to learn more about MiraDry, I was offered a good deal. Basically, MiraDry normally costs around $2200. But I got my done for free because I was acting as a model, or practice case, for one of their technicians.

I found the prospect so appealing that I got the procedure performed on the same day that I went in to ask about it. I’d spoken with Sharon and Melissa, both of whom were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all of my questions and told me everything that I could expect, including how the procedure would go, how long it would take, and what my recovery would be like.

The Procedure and Recovery

Sharon ended up performing the actual procedure with Melissa as a guide. She did a wonderful job. They gave me local anesthesia and a numbing cream. The whole procedure lasted an hour, which is about what they said it would be. The process was a little uncomfortable, which was also to be expected, but it honestly wasn’t all that bad.

Post-treatment, I was sent home with some ice packs to help with temporary swelling and discomfort. I was also given a few instructions and notes about things to look out for. But there really wasn’t much to it. The procedure and the recovery were both very simple.

The discomfort continued after I went home. There was a lot of swelling under my arms. I actually remember waking up the next morning and not being able to put my arms down because the swelling was so bad. Both the swelling and the general discomfort went down significantly after just a couple of days, and I could resume normal activities. However, it was maybe a week before the swelling was completely gone.

Aside from that swelling, I had no major side-effects and zero complications. My armpits were a little red, but that went away quickly too. All-in-all I was well prepared, knowing exactly what I could expect following the procedure. I have no complaints.

I had my follow-up at 2 weeks. It was totally by-the-book and went very smoothly.

My Results

Although the MiraDry procedure permanently removed some underarm sweat glands from my underarm area, I do still sweat on occasion. That’s not a criticism of the procedure or those who administered it. I was told that I could expect to continue sweating, but that my sweating would be a lot less intense and frequent than it’s been in the past.

Like many other women, I’m sure, I wish I could just be done with armpit sweat entirely, but I am happy to finally be sweating a normal amount. The immediate reduction in sweating has been a huge relief to me, and I’m 100% pleased with how this turned out.

I’d also like to note that the excess sweating hasn’t returned. To be fair, I had the procedure done in December and it’s now summer, so there’s a natural change in how much I sweat based on seasons alone. However, I haven’t noticed any increases in sweating that I would consider abnormal.

Sharon and Dr. Breslow’s Office

They are wonderful. Sharon was knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly, as were her colleagues. Honestly the whole office was inviting. It was clean, neat, and filled with great people.

I’ve actually been back for other procedures a couple of times already. I ended up getting Juvederm under my eyes with Melissa and Kybella with Sharon, both of which I’m also extremely happy with.

Advice to Others

If you’re in need of sweat reduction, don’t hesitate to get MiraDry. It works. It’s a life changer for people who have to go out of their way to hide the wet marks caused by their excessive sweating or sweat stains on clothing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that I wish I could have done this years ago.

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