MiraDry Treatment Review For Underarm Excessive Sweating, 37 years old, Photos and a Video.

Brandi_Pope Patient gender: Female Patient age: 40 Location: Alexandria, VA Cost: $2,700

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MiraDry Treatment Review For Underarm Excessive Sweating, 37 years old, Photos and a Video. - review image.
MiraDry Treatment Review For Underarm Excessive Sweating, 37 years old, Photos and a Video. - review image.

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Performed 2016

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Hi, My name is Brandi and I'm from Richmond, VA. I had a MiraDry treatment done with Dr. Scott Gerrish. About a year and a half ago, I made the decision to have this procedure done. I had never heard of the procedure before and didn’t know that there was even a treatment out there to specifically target sweating! I was very intrigued! I’ve always had an issue with underarm sweating and no amount of deodorant that I used ever made it stop. Even though the chemicals in traditional deodorant worried me, I felt like I had no choice but to use that. I was using clinical grade deodorants to try and keep it at bay but even then, it was an issue that was a pain in the rear to deal with. I live an extremely active lifestyle. I work out daily, so of course that includes lots of excess sweating every day. I also film YouTube videos so I’m sitting under super-hot lights and it never failed… I would start strong and about midway through my videos I would be sweating and praying that it wasn’t visible on camera! Let’s just say I wore lots of tank tops and sleeveless tops to try and limit the sweat ring situation. I surprisingly wasn't nervous to have this done. I was excited. I couldn’t wait to have some relief with the sweating AND a bonus to this procedure is that it eliminates much of the under-arm hair growth! SCORE!!! I was pumped and ready to get this done! I met with my doc (who I’ve seen for other procedures) and he was amazing. He walked me through the process step by step before we ever got started. He made sure that I was super comfortable with everything. He explained to me that this procedure would permanently reduce both the sweat and odor glands under my arms using microwave energy for good! To get started, Dr Gerrish did several shots of a numbing solution in my under arms… this surprisingly didn’t hurt bad at all! Once I was numbed up he then began the procedure. I felt absolutely nothing once I was numb so that was amazing! I don’t like pain! LOL the procedure was quick. Immediately after the procedure I had a sensation of fullness and swelling under the arms. I was given ice packs to hold underneath both arms to reduce swelling. The swelling did last for a few days and I wasn’t able to work out until the swelling was gone. I knew working out would be the best test to see the results after this procedure. My first workout I made sure to take photos and in those photos, you can see VERY minimal sweat stains in comparison to the before photo. And I made sure to do a super cardio intensive workout to put it to the test!

Overall, my thoughts on Miradry is that it totally works! I can now either skip deodorant or wear the natural deodorants that don’t have the harsh chemicals in them. The treatment costs ($2700) are not cheap, but it was worth it. I feel more confident in my clothing and I don't feel like I’m constantly checking to see if I have sweaty armpits! I can film under my hot lights without any issues and I do believe I’ve saved quite a few workout shirts by eliminating the massive under arm sweating!!! I’m so happy I had this done!

Attached to this review are photos a video of my experience getting the Miradry treatment. Enjoy! 

Dr. Scott Gerrish

Alexandria, VA

Gerrish and Associates Med Spa - Alexandria, VA

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