Modeling and Beauty Pageants Made Me Want to Have Laser Tattoo Removal

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My name is Eliana and I decided to get laser tattoo removal at the age of 19 after competing for the Miss Massachusetts pageant. I got my tattoos at a very young age and regretted them very much. I had five small tattoos on various parts of my body, all done in black ink. I grew tired of applying cover up for photo shoots when modeling, etc., so they had to go.

I began my tattoo removal journey with a simple Google search of 'laser tattoo removal in MA." I came across a location in Peabody, MA, called "Skin Deep Laser Services." I scheduled a free consultation for my laser treatment, which was awesome!

At my consultation, I was offered the option of paying for my tattoo removal treatments in a package deal, which would save me money in the long run, but at the time that wasn't an option for me financially. I decided to pay for each appointment individually. I was to pay $75.00 per every square inch of tattoo at every visit. Luckily, my tattoos were small, so it was pretty affordable.

The laser removal process itself took about eight to nine months, with a total of 7 sessions on two of my tattoos and only four on the rest. The pain level was intense during the tattoo removal process. It was close to being unbearable, but they did provide numbing creams, which I didn't use. I felt like they weren't very effective from past

The pain level was intense, close to unbearable but they do provide numbing creams which I didn’t use. I felt like they weren’t very effective. Having black tattoos made the removal process easier. If you have different ink colors, it may be harder for your tattoo to be removed.

I am very happy with my results. I went from having unwanted tattoos that I hated to not having any at all! It was awesome! I wouldn’t have changed my experience at all and the staff over at Skin Deep Laser services were amazing! They gave me great deals and even helped me get a credit card with Care Credit to cover some of my tattoo removal costs. I recommend their services to anyone in the Massachusetts area.