Month 4 on Accutane - Great Experience So Far

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While I never had acne as a teenager, I got it bad in my early twenties. It started off small but as soon as I got off birth control, it flared up terribly. I tried changing my diet, seeing a naturopath for herbal remedies, even got laser treatments and nothing worked. I got a tip from an acquaintance that I could get a prescription for Accutane quick and easily at the Toronto Acne Clinic and I decided to go for it.

I had read so many horror stories about Accutane that I was very skeptical about going on the drug, but I figured it would be a bit of a waiting game anyway obtaining the prescription with all the blood tests I had to get; I figured I had time to think it over. To my surprise, I was able to get an appointment and all the necessary blood work done the following week.

I went into my appointment feeling a little unprepared. No one had prepped me over the phone for what this appointment might entail. I just assumed it was a consultation and the doctor would try and get me to go antibiotics before putting me on the big guns. I filled out my background information and met with Doctor Sliwowicz. My first impression was that this doctor is busy! During the appointment, he spoke very fast and remained standing. I think the whole thing probably lasted 5 minutes before he wrote me for a blood test. It felt very impersonal and a little overwhelming at how fast everything was moving.

I did my blood test anyway and returned a week later. Everything came back fine, so I was written my first prescription of Accutane. I was actually in shock! I was always under the impression that Accutane was difficult to get, but that didn’t seem to be the case here. It honestly seemed to me that anyone with even minor blemishes could walk in and be approved for the drug.

I completed my first month of Accutane at 10 mg a day (a very small dose) with minimal side effects. My lips were a bit drier than usual, but that was it. My skin didn’t even go through the dreaded ‘purging’ phase, which everyone seems to mention. My next checkup and every one thereafter, my doctor would be at least 20 minutes late for the appointment. I always felt rushed out of the office and often resorted to searching the Internet for answers to my questions about the drug. He never mentioned how long I’d be on Accutane, so I thought since it was getting better so quickly I’d be done early. This was not the case. My doctor later explained to me how the drug works and that I’d need a total of 7 months for it to be effective.

Flash-forward to month 4 and my skin is completely clear! The difference is night and day, and I cannot believe how well Accutane has worked. My only side effects continue to be dry lips and skin sensitivity – especially when out in the sun. Wearing SPF everyday is a must! My blood tests have all came back without issues.

Overall my experience with the drug has been amazing! I thought these 7 months were going to be a struggle, but it’s simply just become a part of my routine. I often forgot I am even on it. However, my experience with the Toronto Acne Clinic has been sub-par. I might as well have been getting Accutane from a vending machine. I would only recommend this place to someone as a last resort, not someone who wants to discuss their options with a doctor who cares.

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Kevin Sliwowicz


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