In My 40s, Had Crows Feet and Forehead Lines and Got Botox Injections

MomRejuvenated Patient gender: Female Patient age: 46 Cost: $650

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Crow's Feet Before Botox Injections - In My 40s, Had Crows Feet and Forehead Lines and Got Botox Injections  - review image.
Crow's Feet After Botox Injections (smooth) - In My 40s, Had Crows Feet and Forehead Lines and Got Botox Injections  - review image.

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

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I had not even thought about getting Botox until a friend of mine pointed out that 'I had already waited too long for my first Botox treatment.' She said that by waiting so long to have injections, the lines around my eyes may already be too deep for Botox to fix. The friend who told me this happens to be a big fan of plastic surgery. Too much so, actually. I hate to be mean, but her face looks scary from all the filler she's had injected. I have fun with her but I think she suffers from body dysmorphic disorder because she has changed her once pretty face into a very unnatural appearance. This is the reason I held off for so long getting any treatments done. I wanted to look natural, not like my friend. I was scared of what happened to her happening to me. 

It was not until another friend of mine, who I did not realize had botox injections, told me she loved them. This piqued my interest in the procedure because this friend looked really good. She had a very youthful looking for face for a woman who was nearing 45 years old. This immediately piqued my interest and I wanted to speak with a professional. I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon near my house and was surprised after speaking with him that he did not perform the injections. He told me Botox would be an effective treatment for my crow's feet and frown lines, but then told me to meet with his nurse injector. No offense to the nurse, but I was there to have a doctor perform my injections and no one else. I shared my concerns with the doctor and he told me that the nurse was actually better than he was at injections because that was all she did. I needed a little convincing before obliging to meet with the injector and eventually did. 

The nurse ended up being so sweet and I was sorry about what I had said to the doctor. She did a great job of explaining that Botox cosmetic was a very safe, FDA approved toxin used for the treatment of facial wrinkles and told me she had injected it thousands of times without any issues arising. She also happened to have a rep from Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, in the office that day and I spoke with her too and she told me she also used Botox all the time and showed me how smooth her face was. We went over the lines I had and she explained where she would inject and what to expect. I made it very clear I did not want that frozen Botox face I've seen on some women. I had to look natural I told her. She understood my concerns and I was comfortable enough with her that I was ready for my first cosmetic procedure at the ripe old age of 44.

The injections took no more than 5 minutes. A very fine needle was used and I could feel a few small pricks and then the injections were complete. She injected above my eyebrows, then between my eyebrows and then the sides of my eyes. I found the treatment simpler than expected. The nurse gave me a mirror and I had no bruising or swelling where the Botox was injected. It was over after that and I left the office realizing I had been scared over nothing.

Approximately three days after my injections, I went to frown and noticed my forehead wrinkles and crow's feet weren't able to be formed. It was almost as though I had one of those muscle spasms where you can't move for a few seconds. Unlike those spasms, it wasn't painful, it's just in 44 years my facial muscles had always worked on command. 

My wrinkles faded as time passed from the date of my injections. I've since returned for another round of Botox and my injector is trying to convince me to get Juvederm dermal fillers to restore volume loss in my cheeks, but I'm renovating my house and it's almost $2000. I can't afford to do that to my family right now. Maybe in the future.

The negatives of Botox are that it's expensive (I paid $650) and for it to continue to work, you need to go in for injections once every 3-4 months. It's a long term commitment so be sure you can handle that. The treatment did work for me. I am a fan of it! 

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