My Arm Lift Surgery Was Life Altering

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Performed 2015

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Admittedly I was never the fittest person. For many years, I had a very sweet tooth. I would be lying if I tried to deny it - I loved candy and cake. I worked out from time-to-time but was never consistent and put on a good amount over the years. The turning point for me came when I was 48 years old. I suddenly became sick of looking at myself. Whenever Iooked in the mirror, all I saw was a fat person. I started exercising more and eventually got to the point where I would feel disgusting if I wasn't able to go to the gym. I began eating more healthy too.

Over a period of two years, I lost 60 pounds. I'm not sure what the definition of a massive weight loss patient is but I fit the bill. To my disappointment though, losing a lot of weight did not make me feel much better about my body. I was left with excess skin all over my body but was especially bothered by my bat wings. Each time I tried to run they would smack against my body and this really bothered me. I wanted the saggy skin to be removed and knew that having plastic surgery was my only option. I feared surgery but what else was I supposed to do? I had come to the realization that it was surgery or live with a physical feature that I hated so much.

I went to a plastic surgeon for my arm lift surgery. I had been told by a friend who had received a similar procedure that only a board certified plastic surgeon is trained in their surgical residencies to do arm lifts.

My surgery was performed in a hospital. My arm lift procedure was in the morning and I was allowed to go home by the end of the day. Nothing eventful (thankfully) happened during my surgery and post-op care.

My recovery was uncomfortable but not horrible. I was able to return to work within 1.5 weeks. I would suggest taking at least two weeks off from work, as I felt I returned a bit early. It's not wise to push yourself, which could lead to your sutures potentially being ripped apart. That would leave a terrible scar and for this reason, I recommend taking your time before getting back in a normal routine.

I went back to light exercise by week 4 of my recovery and after 8 weeks, I had completely returned to my normal activities.

For me, my arm lift surgery was lift changing. I know taking the leap and having elective cosmetic surgery is tough to do but it was so worth it. Make sure you read lots of arm lift reviews and find a qualified plastic surgeon who can give you what you want. And remember, this is a surgical procedure, so don't take this decision lightly!

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