My BBL Experience With Dr. Cabral in the Dominican Republic. Cost, Lots of Photos and a Video.


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"Brazilian butt lift"

Performed 2016

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For many years, I had the desire to get a brazilian butt lift. Sadly, my family’s genetics are not the greatest. I’ve always had insecurities with my body. I've always been on the chubby side - big boobs and no buttocks. Fast forward to 22 years of age and enough was enough. I started my research on bbl surgery and knew that I wanted it done.

I have always had my eye on Dr. Hector Cabral. He was sort of “famous” or the talk of Washington Heights. I was born and raised there and always heard and saw my friend’s mothers or family member’s post-surgery. He also received a lot of heat for consulting in a salon one time or for deaths of patients. I followed him via Instagram where he provided his WhatsApp or email since he is in the Dominican Republic. WhatsApp makes it more convenient and free to communicate. As I followed him on Instagram, I saw his patients posting surgery pictures of his results. I liked what I saw. I made my own decision to use him based on the results I was seeing from his own patients posting on social media. I felt more confidence within myself to proceed with my decision. I came to the ultimatum that surgery anywhere with anyone is a risk, whether it be cosmetic or medically necessary. I spoke to him and received a quote back in October 2016.He quoted me $4500.Included in the quote was lipo of my stomach, back, arms and thighs, along with fat transfer to my buttocks, known as the famous BBL (Brazilian butt lift).

It took a whole year of preparing mentally, physically and financially for this surgery. I made sure my health was good. I was 207 lbs. at the time I consulted with the doctor via WhatsApp. He did not ask me to lose weight, so clearly he wasn't concerned about any weight loss regimen. In my WhatsApp consultation, all that was needed was 3 clear body pics (front, side and back) with your name, height, previous surgeries or any health conditions, along with the procedure you would like and a wish picture or what you would ultimately like to look like.

Fast Forward to November 3rd, 2017, that was my surgery date. I was so anxious but not nervous. I never had a feeling of fear or regret. I was excited and ready for my new body and confidence. I flew in 2 days prior to my surgery date. You must do blood work and cardiology testing, along with an in-person consult with the doctor before being cleared for surgery. So please go days in advance. Sometimes you cannot have lab work and surgery on the same day. The doctor came in before surgery, marked me up and asked me again what I wanted and handed me the blue pill. Dr.Cabral was the sweetest doctor I have ever meet. When I first encountered him in my face-to-face consultation he honored my quote and did not raise it, which made me feel good. He promised me he was going to make me a doll. When I saw him before surgery, he told me I was in good hands, to relax and it would be over soon. I took that blue pill and dozed off in seconds. During the procedure, I woke up multiple times. I heard them talking. I was in no pain when I woke up. I could feel them working on me but my body was numb. I also alerted them I was going to throw up, as I felt very nauseous. They got get me towels to clean up and sedated me again. Next time I woke up, I was in recovery. My mother said it took 4-5 hours. I was still sleepy and in a lot of discomfort, but not pain. I became felt a lot of nausea and threw up a lot due to the general anesthesia. Every time I drank water I would throw it up. The only thing that made it stop was an Ensure. I was given iron through an IV that night.

I was cleared to go home the following morning and changed into my first post op garment by his assistant. She was also a sweetheart. Changing was painful and I got dizzy. I could not see my body yet but they were giving me compliments. I saw my body's reflection for the first time getting into the car to go to my recovery house and I was so happy. The first time I saw my body naked was on day 3 when I was cleaned and my garment was washed. Wow, was all I could say. I could've cried from the emotion but this was the greatest feeling I have ever had. I knew this wouldn't be the final results and the would only get better. I was bruised and swollen but even the doctor was surprised I didn't bruise as much. As the days went by my body molded itself beautifully. You must drain after surgery and get rid of the excess fluids in your tissues. To assist with this, you do massages to better enhance your shape along with changing from your first stage compression garments to a stage 2, which has more compression and shaping abilities. You wear it for 6 months to a year to obtain and maintain the results. The massages are painful but worth it. You feel much better afterwards.

With my arm and thigh liposuction, I was still able to walk, lift and move. It’s all soreness. The only thing with your arms, is that you lose sensation in them while you sleep or randomly, but it goes back to normal. After surgery, I was 190lbs. They take out fat but you must remember it's inserted into the buttock but through the process you still lose weight. I saw the doctor 3 times in a period of 10 days before I was cleared to go back home. He was there at all 3 appointments. It was not just his assistants. He is very hands on and cared for all of his patients, despite all of the bad press he has behind him. My legs became very swollen due to fluid buildup but compression socks and feet lifting took care of it.

My experience with the doctor was a 10 out of 10. He is very caring and sweet. When I got back home, I still had communication with him, his assistants and coordinators. I do not regret going to him. He changed my life for the better. I will be forever grateful. You must be patient with this journey, as it takes a whole year to see your final results and you will experience an emotional rollercoaster of feelings during this time. One day you may feel your results or your butt are not big enough and one day you may feel it’s too huge. My advice is to take monthly update pictures, not weekly. I am currently 6 months post op and I am so happy with my results!

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