My BBL Surgery With Dr. Grossman Went Perfectly

Tags: age 25-34


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"Brazilian butt lift"

Performed 2017

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It’s been almost a year since I had my Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Leonard Grossman. The way I found Dr. Grossman is a bit of a funny story. I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, which is in Brooklyn, NY, and my dad was a big fisher. He used to always stop at the bait and tackle shop that is right next to Dr. Grossman’s office. There was no need for me to stop in and visit Dr. Grossman until I got older and my butt started sagging!

At my consultation with Dr. Grossman, he was very patient and understanding of what my concerns were. I told him that I wasn’t happy with the way my butt dropped down and had little definition. I wanted more projection in my butt and needed to get rid of the small banana rolls I had. For the ladies who don’t know what banana rolls are, they are these little rolls under the cheeks of your buttocks. They’re not flattering and I hated the appearance of them. Dr. Grossman told me that I had enough fat in my flanks to get the projection I was looking for and was a good candidate for BBL surgery. The quote I received from his office came out to $10,950, which I was prepared for. I knew plastic surgery wasn’t cheap and I had saved up before visiting him for a consultation.

On the day of my procedure, I was extremely nervous. This was the first time I had a surgical procedure and the fact that it was elective had me thinking that perhaps I didn’t need to go through with it. Dr. Grossman and his staff realized I was nervous and comforted me throughout the entire procedure. They were so great! 

I experienced no pain post-op. I was a little sore and had to buy a pillow to sit on so I didn’t disturb the fat that was transferred to my butt. The first 4 days were when I was most sore, but it faded pretty steadily over the next 2 weeks. I only took the pain medication that was prescribed to me the first day following surgery. After that, I didn’t even need it. I took a week off from work, but don’t even think that was necessary. I could have gone back after 4-5 days.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my results. My butt now has the projection I was looking for prior to surgery. I have two tiny scars that are hardly noticeable and you would have to look really closely at them to see anything. Dr. Grossman was so wonderful during my BBL journey that I have already recommended him to my friends in the NYC area. I would give him 5 stars for both his surgical skill and bedside manner.