My Botox Experience at The Breslow Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa


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My Botox Experience at The Breslow Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I always said, “I would never have a cosmetic procedure, I want to grow old gracefully,” well that comment was short-lived.  Now that I am 44 years old I started noticing the creases on my forehead and the crow’s feet around my eyes. I looked tired and weathered and it made me look and feel old, I knew I had to do something. First I tried using wrinkle creams hoping that would work, but it did not so I then started to read about Botox to see if it would be the right thing for me. After my research was complete I decided to make a consultation appointment with Melissa, the nurse at the Breslow Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, and I am so happy I did.


When I walked into the office the atmosphere was very calming, the front desk staff was wonderful and very welcoming.  At the beginning of the consultation, Melissa took several before photos, she was very thorough. She had me make all sorts of different faces so she can really see what my problem areas were. I had initially booked the appointment for a consultation, but after I met Melissa and saw how thorough she was I decided to have the treatment that same day, as I this was the right place for me.


After she took the photos we went into the treatment room and she explained everything to me.  She pulled up the before photos on the screen so we could discuss my problem areas, and there were several. I did not realize how bad my lines were until I saw the pictures, it was quite scary.  After going over the details she decided that I needed 10 units of Botox in my forehead, 25 units between the brows (also known as Glabella), and 14 units per side for my crow’s feet, the whole thing was $750.  It was just enough for me to see a difference and really help smooth out the lines and wrinkles.  She was conservative, especially since it was my first time getting Botox, and I really respected that, she never tried to push more units on me. She told me that the next time I come in for my Botox treatment we can discuss doing more units, if necessary.


 Before she started, she put some numbing cream on the areas being treated and I had to wait about 15 mins for it to kick in.  The numbing cream was very helpful because once she started the injections all I felt was a tiny pinch, she was extremely gentle.  After the injections were complete, Melissa gave me a small ice pack to put on my treated areas so I sat in the chair for about 10 mins with the ice pack on.  I recommend using an ice pack right after the treatment because it really helps with redness and bruising, and I did not have either which was great.


After the treatment was finished, Melissa went over some details of what not to do afterward.  She told me that for the rest of the day I should not wear my baseball hat because the pressure from my hat could push the Botox down in my forehead and may affect the result.  She also told me not to put my head all the way down for about 1-2 hours, same reason as to why I needed to avoid wearing my hat.  Other than that, it was business as usual.


The results were quick and looked natural, anyone that looked at me just said I looked rested and my face looked brighter, no one asked me “did you have something done?”  That was the idea, I still wanted to look like me but more rested and fresh.


I am so happy that I decided to do Botox and I can tell you I will be going back again to Melissa.  I feel prettier and better about myself, and even a little bit younger. Botox is not extreme and It is ok to have a little “freshening up” if you feel you it is right for you. Next time I may even try some under eye fillers, I think it might be time for that as well.


If you are in the NY/NJ area I highly recommend Melissa at The Breslow Center Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, she is fabulous and you will be in great hands. The entire staff was truly wonderful and they really go out of their way to make the patients feel extra special.  This is now my go to place for any cosmetic procedure I decide to have.





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