My Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery to Move One Breast up a few Millimeters

Tags: age 25-34 6 months post-op

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Breast implant revision

Performed 2017

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I had a breast augmentation revision in January 2017 because my left boob began to bottom out. My left implant began to sit lower than the right one and this caused my nipple to sit a little higher on my boob. This was a result of my natural anatomy and how I healed, not the fault of my plastic surgeon. I really didn't need to have a breast implant revision but since the implants were going to be inside of me for life I decided to go through with it. My implant revision surgery was literally to move my implant a few millimeters.

My breast implant revision surgery was very simple and very quick. The entire procedure took twenty minutes and was done under local anesthesia. The local anesthetic was injected into my left breast. After that, I walked into the operating room and they put a dressing under my face so I couldn't see the doctor operating on me. It was a little weird knowing he was cutting me open but there's was no pain during the procedure. The doctor cut along my scar, placed a few stitches under the implant and attached it to my rib cage so that my boob stayed lifted to the same level as my other breast. The whole procedure took 20 minutes, not include the pre-op time. Then I got up, changed and walked out of the surgical center. It was that easy.

For the first week I felt a little bit of pressure like pain when I got up and did anything strenous but it was very minimal. After the first week, I no longer had any discomfort and my scar eventually healed the same way as it did the first time. I have not experienced any bottoming out since the procedure.