My Breast Implant Surgery With Mentor HP Over The Muscle - February 2018

JenniferBetts Patient gender: Female Patient age: 23 Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire Cost: $6,387

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Before Breast Augmentation Surgery - My Breast Implant Surgery With Mentor HP Over The Muscle - February 2018  - review image.
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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2018

Procedure review

For the past year or so I’ve been happy with how my body looks, I spend a lot of time at the gym training myself to become the best possible shape I can be. For this I’m not ashamed, my broad shoulders and back have become a focus of mine and I wouldn’t ever swap my frame for anyone else’s. The only thing was I was near enough flat chested.

Before the surgery, I wore a 32A bra however in most brands I couldn’t even fill the cup. With the measurements of 28-24-36 I was extremely bottom heavy. I wasn’t unhappy with it, but I’ve spent so much time at the gym sculpting my figure it was just annoying that I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t want huge breasts - I just wanted to be in proportion. With time I saved up the money that I needed and went ahead and booked the consultation. This is something that I really want to stress - the more you focus on your body the more flaws that you will find, and that’s ok, everyone has flaws. But you have to love yourself. Personally for me, there is nothing wrong with wanting to change yourself as long as you are doing it for yourself. I would have been happy with or without a breast augmentation, and there is no shame in wanting to make yourself better through the process of cosmetic surgery.

The first consultation I had was very informative, the nurse and I talked about why I wanted to get the procedure, how I wanted to look and I also filled out what seems like a basic general health questionnaire. During my first consultation I also got to quickly try out the different sizes of implants to see how they would look on me. As soon as I tried the implants on something clicked in my brain - I never thought that I could have a figure like this. I’d accepted that I wouldn’t ever be able to buy from popular mainstream lingerie shops because they just didn’t go small enough. But I was stood there looking at a mirror realizing that I couldn’t make myself look more in proportion once and for all. Two weeks later, I went ahead and booked the surgery with a £500 deposit and booked for the consultation with the surgeon. The rest of the money I paid off around 2 months before the surgery.

The surgeon’s consultation was obviously a lot more to the point. We went through the look that I wanted to go for again and tried on implant sizes again. Then we went through the risks. There are a lot of risks associated with breast augmentation just as in any procedure. It would be naive to assume that everything will go perfectly and that there won’t be any complications. You have to make an informed decision for yourself whether you think the benefits outweigh the risks. As I wasn’t unhappy with my small breasts to begin with, it was a worry that after the surgery I would ruin them. My main worry was that something would go wrong and that I would have ruined my perfectly good breasts and as they say - why fix something if it isn’t broken? However I have quite a few piercings and tattoos so I know that I am a relatively fast healer, and I have zero health complications so the risks were relatively minimal. But I know that something could still go wrong. That is something that you have to keep in mind throughout the whole healing process. I was happy with everything that the surgeon had said and I was happy to go ahead with the procedure in a month’s time.

The pre op stage and the surgery flew by for me. I didn’t do anything special leading up to the surgery day, however I stopped drinking alcohol three weeks before the surgery and for two weeks leading up to the surgery stopped taking vitamins, supplements and painkillers. My admission time was 1:30pm and I couldn’t eat for 6 hours before, so I didn’t eat anything at all that day until after the surgery. I did however drink 1ltr of flavored water 3 hours prior to the admission time as I was told to drink 1ltr of clear, sugary liquid between 2-6 hours before admission time so that the recovery from the general anesthetic would be easier. I was then admitted at around 11:30am as I had turned up 3 hours early and taken to a private hospital room with an en suite and a TV. I took out all of the piercings that I could and the ones that I couldn’t take out the nurse covered with some sort of tape. The surgeon came in and drew on me about 30 minutes later and he asked how I was feeling and went through all of the general pleasantries. At around 1:30pm I was walked to the room to be taken in for surgery.

I laid on a bed whilst they prepped me for surgery and put me under general anesthetic. All I can remember after that is an injection going in to a cannula in my hand and the nurse saying ‘You can go to sleep now’.

I woke up what seems like seconds later and the surgery had been completed. I was taken back to the private hospital room at around 3pm and a nurse came and checked my vitals every 30 minutes. I threw up 4 times whilst at the hospital, but the nurse said that was from the tramadol, as my body doesn’t take kindly to strong painkillers. I was given co-codamol and ibuprofen along with a one week course of antibiotics and discharged at about 7pm.

In all honesty there is not much to say on the recovery front as for me it has been easy. I went over the muscle and apparently that’s a lot easier to recovery from than going under the muscle. I went over as I didn’t want the implant to affect my performance at the gym and the surgeon said that I had enough breast tissue to cover the implant. I had relatively a full range of arm movement straight away, but I still tried to keep it to a minimum as I didn’t want to stretch the stitches. The hardest part of the whole recovery process was having a sleep upright for a week to help the swelling and also not being able to shower the top half of my body for the first week. That was the only time that I was uncomfortable. After one week I started to lay fully flat whilst sleeping and I’d say about two weeks post op is when I felt comfortable enough to sleep on my side. I’d say that around 10 days post op is when everything started to feel delicate and more normal and a part of my body.

I am currently nearly 4 weeks post op and completely happy with my surgery. At no point was I ever in any pain. I work as a front of house manager in a restaurant so as you can imagine it’s very hands on. I was back at work 8 days post op and didn’t once have a problem. I don’t regret what I’ve done, I actually can’t imagine what I looked like before the implants now, but I also know that I’m not fully out of the woods yet. It is a long process and I have to keep in mind that something could still go wrong. However, I am happy with how I look now and I am very excited about how my breasts will look once they have fully healed and softened.

Videos and before and after pictures of my breast augmentation experience are attached. Hope you enjoy them! 

Some additiona information about my breast implant surgery:

Price: £4500 (GBP) ($6,387)

Implant: Mentor 350CC round HP over the muscle

Surgery date: 28th Feb 2018

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