My Breast Reduction Was the Best Decision Ever

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering a breast reduction and/or lift. I’m here to tell you that it’s the best decision I ever made. I’m 24 years old, living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I knew I wanted a breast reduction from a young age and it was even mentioned to me by my pediatrician during my teenage years. I was at the size 32DDD and just over it. I had my first child right after my 24th birthday and by the time she was 6 months old my mind was made up that I wanted to go through with the procedure. I wasn’t happy with how I looked and I wasn’t happy with how clothes were fitting. My breasts were “saggy” even before I had my daughter. I’m very petite, only 4’11 and 120 pounds, so my very large breasts just simply looked out of place. If I wore a size small shirt they were hanging out, but if I wore a size large shirt I just looked like I didn’t know how to dress myself correctly.

I was introduced to my surgeon Dr. Richard Raszewski by a friend who had her breast reduction done by him a few years ago. I called for a consultation and got scheduled for a month later. I went to my consultation with high hopes and was pleasantly satisfied. My doctor examined my breasts and talked thoroughly with me about the procedure. He drew diagrams showing me how the surgery actually works and talked with me about all outcomes. We came up with an “after size” together (32 C). A size that would look good for my frame and actually be possible to achieve. We took the before pictures that day so they could send them in with a letter of medical necessity to my insurance. My doctor assured me with my petite frame and how much breast tissue they would have to remove that my insurance would cover the procedure. (Which they did!! I did have to pay my deductible, so about $2,000 to reach that, but after that it was covered 100%). I left the office that day, March 1st 2018 with a surgery date of April 4th 2018, only a little over a month later. I was so excited it was happening so quickly!

I went back to the office a week before my surgery for my pre-op appointment. My doctor again was very thorough with me. He explained more about the surgery and my recovery. He also told me how to set up an “after care” station with drinks, snacks, hard candy, vaseline, and something to occupy my mind. I filled out all of my paper work and then I was that much closer to finally having my surgery done that I had been dreaming about for years.

On the morning of my surgery I had to be at the center by 6:30 AM. It was at an outpatient center, so I would go in for my surgery at about 7:30 and be leaving the center by noon. I met with the nurses and the anesthesiologist who would be with me during the surgery. They were all so nice and caring, which made me feel really comfortable. My surgeon came in and marked my breasts with marker, measuring exactly as he made each line so everything would be symmetrical. I kissed my husband goodbye and then the next thing I knew I was waking up. I wasn’t in too much pain when I woke up, but I felt more comfortable sitting up rather than laying. I had to be in recovery for about an hour and then I got dressed to leave. My bra was already on, my doctor had told me to bring a soft comfortable sports bra type of bra that was a little longer so it wouldn’t rub the stitches under my breasts. They put the bra on for me after surgery while I was still asleep. The whole rest of that day I just took it easy and laid in bed. I took my pain medicine every 6 hours per my doctors instructions and just relaxed. The pain wasn’t bad, it honestly was never unbearable. The next day I was back up to walking around the house and continuing on with normal life. I was still on pain medications though so I wasn’t leaving the house. My doctor never gave me orders not to lift my daughter, in fact he said it was okay to do so just as long as she wasn’t bumping my breasts. I had to sleep on my back and keep the bra on 24 hours a day. I got my surgery done on a Wednesday and then was instructed to take my bandages off and shower on that following Saturday. Seeing my breasts for the first time was a little scary, but also exciting. I LOVED the shape and size. The scary part was the stitches. If you look up “breast reduction anchor scar” you will see why. I had stitches under my breasts, up the middle to my nipples, and then all around my nipples. My nipples were actually removed and then put on. They were a little bruised and just very sore. I wasn’t actually in pain, but I was sore. By Monday I was back to work (I have an office job so not much physical activity, and very low stress). The Thursday following my surgery I had my first post-op appointment. My doctor said everything was coming along great and just advised me to keep putting Vaseline on my stitches, but that most were already dissolving! I was scheduled to go back and see him in 3 weeks, at my 1 month post op mark. The following weeks everything went great, I could see my stitches dissolving and the soreness was becoming less and less. I was making sure to keep my stitches really clean and always keep a soft bra on as instructed by my doctor. I started working out again at 3 weeks post-op (again, my only instructions for working out were to make sure nothing was bumping my breasts). I had my one month post-op check up on May 3rd 2018. My doctor is very pleased with my results. I’m writing this one week later, at 5 weeks post-op. My breasts are still shaping which he said would take up to 6 months, but I don’t really even notice that they still need to “shape”, I guess because I just look at them as breasts, but its his actual job to notice the shape of them. All of my stitches are dissolved now and I only have one scab left. The scars around my nipple are already very thin and just a light pink, as are the ones vertically right under my nipple. The ones that are the most noticeable right now are the scars directly under my breast fold, but they are looking so great. I am SO happy with my results already at only a month later. I’m excited just imaging how they will look at 6 months post-op.

To summarize my experience, I would have to say it was amazing. I would do it again in a heart beat. I recovered so great and barely had any pain. I had no complications whatsoever and the healing process has been beautiful. After all of these years I finally am loving my body again. I’m so glad I made this decision still being 24 years young because I often hear older women who had the procedure tell me they wish they did it sooner. I would recommend this surgery and my surgeon to anyone.

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