My Brows Were Microbladed and I Love My Results

AGibbs Patient gender: Female Patient age: 41 Location: West Harrison, NY Cost: $500

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Before My Microblading Procedure - My Brows Were Microbladed and I Love My Results  - review image.
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2 Years After My Microblading Procedure - My Brows Were Microbladed and I Love My Results  - review image.

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Performed 2015

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I'm naturally blonde and my eyebrows are very light and difficult to see. My brows were pretty much nonexistent and I was sick of having to fill them in every single day. My natural brows are also not very dense and I have several areas of brow hair which are quite sparse towards the tail end of my brows. For this reason, I decided to look in to having my eyebrows microbladed.

After doing some research on the internet, I decided to visit the Precision Spa in West Harrison, New York (suburb north of NYC). There, I had a consultation with Nicole Zillitto, an esthetician and microblading technician. I was so set on having a microblading procedure, I went to my consultation with my brows drawn on exactly how I wanted them filled in. Nicole studied my face and marking, and then we discussed exact what I liked, didn't like, the style I preferred, the color, etc. After that, she wiped off the markings I had made and drew in her own markings with a brow pencil. Nicole then asked me if I was a 100% happy with the way she filled them in before beginning the microblading procedure.

Prior to using the microblading tool, Nicole applied a numbing cream to my brows. While the numbing cream helped, I still felt some pain during the procedure. The pain wasn’t excruciating but it was there. It felt like someone was taking an X-ACTO knife and scraping it against my skin, which is essentially what she was doing. The total procedure took about fifteen minutes, and the pain went away as soon as it was over. I did not experience any swelling at all. The healing process took about two weeks and then I went back at the four-week mark for another round of microblading.

At my touch up appointment, Nicole finished the final stage of microblading my eyebrows. Just like the first time, she applied numbing cream and began using the microblading tool. Then before I knew it, the procedure was over. It took another one-to-two weeks for them to heal entirely and all I had to do was clean my eyebrow wounds and keep them moist.

My final thoughts on microblading are that I’m glad that it’s one less thing I have to worry about doing in my routine when I get ready every day. I was so happy with my results and honestly ended up liking how my brows looked even more than how I had filled them in all these years. They looked so much more full and more natural than the way I ever did them. The results last about a year and a half to two years. After that, you have to go in for touch ups. I’m about two months shy of having them done two years ago and although they have faded a little bit, they are still very much there!

Nicole Zillitto

West Harrison, NY

Precision Spa - West Harrison, NY

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