My BTL Emsculpt Review: Treatment, Cost, Recovery, Side Effects and Before/After Photos

BrieDY Patient gender: MalePatient age: 44 Cost: $3,300

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Performed 2018

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What Made Me Decide to Get BTL Emsculpt? 

I am a 42 year old male who has lived an active lifestyle my whole life. I workout daily, eat relatively healthy and don't drink any sugary drinks. Despite this, I still had a small pooch I wanted to get rid of on my lower abdomen.  I did not want an invasive procedure, but had considered getting the Coolsculpting body contouring procedure in the past. I simply never made into a doctor's office to get it. I first heard about BTL Emsculpt from my doctor, Dr. Bruce Katz, in New York. I had been to Dr. Katz for other non-invasive procedures over the years and when he told me about Emsculpt I was intrigued. 


How Does BTL Emsculpt Work? 

Dr. Katz told me Emsculpt works by using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate the abdominal muscles. He said it not only caused fat loss, but was the only non-invasive treatment to also build muscle. A 30 minute treatment session is supposedly the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit ups. I will admit that I still find this number hard to believe. 


What Was The Emsculpt Procedure Like?

With my shirt off, I sat down on a comfortable examination/reclining chair. Then a black velcro belt was positioned around my waste. The Emsculpt machine had two tubes, each with a paddle that connected to it. The paddles were slid beneath the velcro belt that had been attached to me and positioned over my treatment area. The machine was then turned on and the pulsations began. The pulses were increased in intensity for the first part of my 30 minute treatment and then the timing of them was altered to help give the lactic acid that accumulated in my muscle tissue time to dissipate (I think). I experienced no pain at all during the treatment. 

How much Does Emsculpt Cost? 

I paid $825 for each 30 minute treatment. I had 2 treatments each week for 2 weeks (4 in total). I paid approximately $3,300. 

What Was Recovery Like After Emsculpt?

There was no recovery after Emsculpt. I felt perfectly fine and went back to work the same day. I experienced zero inconvenience after the treatment. 

What are BTL Emsculpt's Side Effects? 

I experienced no side effects at all. My skin where the paddles were was not even red. There was absolutely no downtime or scars. 

How Long Did it Take to See Results From Emsculpt?

It took about 3-4 weeks after my final treatment for me to see my ultimate results. My abs immediately felt stronger after my first treatment and continued to get stronger with each additional Emsculpt treatment. 

What Did I Think of Emsculpt? 

I loved it. The procedure was a bit costly, but was painless and my lower abs are now more defined. I truly believe I got the 20% fat reduction and 15% muscle mass gain BTL's clinical trials showed. I would get this treatment again in a heartbeat, although I think I'll try to keep my lower abs toned naturally because I would prefer not to spend another $3,300 on a treatment. 

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