My Cellfina Procedure Worked but It's Not a Cellulite Cure

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Performed 2015

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In my twenties, my body was perky and my skin looked great. When I hit 30, my body started to change. I had to modify my diet and exercise more. Deciding if I wanted a cookie here and there became a much bigger decision. I could eat anything in my youth and it was becoming obvious that was not the case now. One of the physical features on my body that I was most aware of as I got older was cellulite. I began developing cellulite dimples on my butt and on the back part of my upper thighs. Living in Florida and wearing bathing suits frequently didn't help. The cellulite gave me insecurities about how my butt looked. I couldn't control how much cellulite I developed but I researched how I could control eliminating it.

Like most people out there, when I looked for a good cellulite treatment I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. I started with over the counter treatments, some from Amazon and some bought from stores. I did coffee scrubs, creams and even made my own concoction, like brown sugar with baby oil (made it into a paste) and spicy mustard with vodka. You name it and I tried it. All of these products were a complete waste of time and money. My cellulite dimples were still there and I was still tying shirts around my waste to cover my rear when I wore a bathing suit. Looking back, the science of why you have cellulite made me understand why none of these treatments worked. The dimples are caused by connective bands of tissue pulling your skin down, creating the rippling or dimpling we see. No external treatment that doesn't break up these bands will work. You pretty much need scissors run under your skin to cut apart the bands in your connective tissue to get to the structural cause of your Cellulite. I needed something stronger than cream and vodka if I wanted to feel better about myself.

The two surgical treatments I looked in to were Cellulaze and Cellfina. Cellulaze seemed like it was more for people with widespread areas of cottage cheese. I had more localized dimpling. I also did not want to go under general anesthesia, which seemed to be required for Cellulaze. On the other hand, Cellfina was performed under local anesthesia and you are fully awake during the procedure. I was interested and wanted to speak with a surgeon to learn more about it. By coincidence, the surgeon I found online who did Cellfina was the same doctor who had done my friend's breast augmentation. His name is Dr. Rodriguez Felix of Miami Plastic Surgery. My friend really liked him and his team, so I felt a bit more comfortable seeing him.

My consultation with Dr. Felix went great. He told me about Cellfina and how it worked. He said the Cellfina machine has a suction device that targets the dimples and guides the vibrating blade that cuts up the fibrous bands. He told me that the design of the machine only required one small incision per grouping of dimples. My whole butt wasn't going to look like Swiss cheese and I was happy to hear that! The cost of Cellfina was $5000, not cheap but doable.

The day I had my Cellfina treatment I wasn't nervous. I was actually excited. The Cellfina reviews I read and videos I watched helped set my expectation.

Even though Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure, I still had to change into a surgical gown. The first step before I went to the operating room suite was for Dr. Felix to mark my dimples. He told me that it was harder to see the dimples when I was prone than standing up. He marked them with what looked like a Sharpie pen and noted which dimples were deepest. He told me that would determine which setting he used on the Cellfina device.

Then I walked to and laid on a surgical bed on my stomach and a drape was placed over my back, so I could not see what was going on. Dr. Felix told me what he was doing before he did it. That helped ease my mind and I wasn't left wondering 'what's going on down there.'

Step 1: The treatment area was cleaned. Definitely did not want any infections!

Step 2: The Cellfina system's suction device was placed over the dimpled areas. Minimal pain when it's applied. It feels like a pinch. The next step feels the same.

Step 3: A needle was stuck through the suction device and I was injected with local numbing agents. This whole process took about 30 minutes, as the suction device was moved, then I was injected with numbing agent and I was left to get nice and numb.

Step 4: The suction device is applied to the dimples and this time a loud vibrating blade is inserted into it. This is when the Cellfina system really roars! Dr. Felix even warned me it was loud.

Step 5: Cleaned up and done!

Okay, so let me tell you the procedure was not painful but I did have some momentary discomfort. First when I was being numbed and then when the blade was chopping away I felt a sensation by the back of my thigh areas. I drove myself home after the procedure so it wasn't that that bad. No adverse events took placing the treatment either.



The first night after my procedure was fine. I took 2 Tylenol to ward of any discomfort but felt fine.

Week 1: I was bruised and swollen but the Spanx I wore helped hide and compress the swelling. I went back to my normal activities right away.

Week 2: At the end of my second week I stopped wearing Spanx and switched to tight fitting yoga pants which was supposed to help with circulation.

Week 3: Less bruising

Week 4: Bruises completely went away.

My initial impression was that all of my dimples had gone away. Sadly it turned out that was just from the swelling. I would say that I had a significant improvement in my dimpling but my skin is not like when I was in my twenties. I do feel much more comfortable in bathing suits now. Cellfina was the only treatment I tried for my Cellulite that actually helped with Cellulite reduction. I likely will need to go back for more than a single treatment and I won't mind that either because I had very limited downtime. I need to find time to go back though. Being a mom and working full-time doesn't leave much time for myself!

I'd say Cellfina is worth it if you suffer from dimpling like I did. I don't know well it works on the wavy look that some women get though. You'll have to find a Cellfina provider who can help you with that. Good luck to you!



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