My Cellfina Treatment Was Absolutely Worth It. Photo and Video Proof!

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After Cellfina Treatment - My Cellfina Treatment Was Absolutely Worth It. Photo and Video Proof! - review image.
Just Before Cellfina Treatment - My Cellfina Treatment Was Absolutely Worth It. Photo and Video Proof! - review image.
During Cellfina Treatment - My Cellfina Treatment Was Absolutely Worth It. Photo and Video Proof! - review image.
Before Cellfina Treatment - My Cellfina Treatment Was Absolutely Worth It. Photo and Video Proof! - review image.

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Performed 2016

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I received the Cellfina treatment in January of 2017 to get rid of cellulite and dimpling on my butt. When I heard about Cellfina as a cellulite treatment, I must be honest, I was skeptical because there are so many topical products and treatments that claim to be great at cellulite removal, but don't really work. I was encouraged to try Cellfina because of its effectiveness and I was informed that this was the 1st minimally invasive treatment that could permanently get rid of dimples. I had also read some positive Cellfina reviews online and I figured I had to at least try it and see for myself.

If you look at my BEFORE picture, you can see my cellulite and dimpling on both cheeks. My AFTER picture is taken about 3 weeks’ post-treatment and as you can see, there is virtually no dimpling whatsoever! It really is amazing! Who would have thought that a minimally invasive procedure would have worked so well?

The way Cellfina works is through a 2-part process. The treatment area is first injected with a numbing agent so that you don't feel the actual treatment. A suction cup type apparatus is used to administer the numbing agent. This was literally the only pain I felt during the entire procedure. On a pain level scale of 0-10, the pain I felt during the procedure was a 0-1. Once my butt was fully numbed up, I couldn't feel a thing. The suction cup tool is once again used for the important part of the procedure, which is to sever the fibrous septae bands that cause dimpling in the butt and back thigh areas (the parts of the body where Cellfina is currently FDA approved).

I should mention again that I was only treated on the buttocks, not the thighs. I had 14 spots that were identified and circled before the treatment. The suction tool was applied again to those spots and microblades were released that went under the surface of my skin to cut the problematic bands. In doing so, they released the dermis from being pulled down, which is what causes the dimpling effect. I was told each cut is permanent and results in smoother looking skin. My results completely mirrored what I was told would happen and I couldn't be happier. I would 100% have this procedure done again if new or more dimples and cellulite appear over the next few years. The old dimples and cellulite that were treated are permanently gone but it doesn't mean new dimples won't form in the future.

The recovery time for Cellfina depends on how many areas you have treated. I spent 7-10 days recovering with a combination of special padding taped to my butt and compression shorts that I wore under my jeans. Sitting down on hard surfaces was rather sensitive for me and I had to be careful about bumping into things or people out on the street (I live in New York City where there is less personal space and lots of people whizzing by you constantly). Other than that, my healing time wasn't too bad. I used special creams to treat the light bruising I had and my doctor gave me an antibiotic to take before and after treatment.

This procedure has changed my life in terms of being way more comfortable in my skin (when I'm naked), in my bikinis when I'm on the beach and in revealing clothes during the summertime. I now feel empowered wearing short denim shorts that previously made me feel insecure trying on. I recently was told I had a great butt and that it looked super sexy in my daisy duke shorts. It's a compliment that I know I earned from through my dedicated fitness routine but also from having the Cellfina procedure. You can be totally fit and still have cellulite unfortunately.

I couldn't be more in love with Dr. Deanne Robinson, my dermatologist who performed Cellfina on me. I see Dr. Robinson for many of my dermatology and skincare needs and always find her completely trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable. She's a skilled dermatologist and extremely personable. If you get nervous about invasive procedures, she's the doctor you want to go to because she has a very calming demeanor. She's so friendly and you'll leave her office feeling like you made a new best friend.

Thanks for reading my review!

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