My Clear + Brilliant Laser Experience Was Amazing!

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Melasma Before Clear + Brilliant Treatment - My Clear + Brilliant Laser Experience Was Amazing!  - review image.
Before Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment - My Clear + Brilliant Laser Experience Was Amazing!  - review image.
Redness Before Laser Is Applied - My Clear + Brilliant Laser Experience Was Amazing!  - review image.
Redness After Clear + Brilliant Laser - My Clear + Brilliant Laser Experience Was Amazing!  - review image.
After Clear and Brilliant Laser 2 - My Clear + Brilliant Laser Experience Was Amazing!  - review image.

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Performed 2018

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I have melasma hyper-pigmentation on my face that comes and goes depending on my exposure to the sun, heat and the fluctuation of my hormones. My melasma got really bad over the summer in 2017 and I knew I had to do something about it. I was very frustrated because I was protecting my face with strong SPF and wearing hats, but the spots just seemed to be getting worse. Even my makeup foundation could not conceal the dark splotches across my cheeks, nose and lips. I went to a few dermatologists’ offices to get their opinion on treatment. What I found out is that melasma is very difficult to treat and sometimes you can’t fully cure it because the hyper-pigmentation and/or sun damage may live in your skin and resurface. There are ways to keep the spotting at bay though and treat severe cases.

I decided to try the Clear + Brilliant Permea Laser Treatment because I liked what Dr. Chwalek at Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York had to say about the procedure and the results she predicted I would see. I signed on to do a series of three Clear + Brilliant treatments over the course of three months. Each treatment was scheduled a month apart.

My appointments required I come in 30 minutes before the actual laser treatment so that I could get numbing cream applied to my entire face and under my chin. The numbing cream helped a little but in all honesty you can still feel the laser

The experience of getting Clear + Brilliant is odd because it’s a prickly sensation that feels like your skin is getting zapped. The more passes of the laser wand you get, the more you’ll start to feel the burn of the laser. Overall though, I’d say it’s bearable. My treatments lasted about 10 minutes. Afterwards I was beet red and my face felt extremely sensitive like I had just gotten the worst sunburn possible on my face. Luckily the sensitivity slowly goes away within 1-2 hours along with the redness.

Within twenty-four hours my skin was dramatically improved. The melasma was lightened, my skin tone and texture was more even and smooth. The only thing I noticed was that my face felt like sand paper to the touch. For the next few days, even though it’s not obvious, your skin is continuing to heal. Throughout this time my face was emitting a beautiful glow…even when it felt like sand paper!

The downtime for Clear + Brilliant is just 1 day, from the time you’re treated to the next morning. It’s important to let your skin breathe and not apply any harsh products. No one will know you had anything done but if you decide to wear makeup, a light foundation with good breathability is best.

My before and after shots show my results, which I couldn’t be happier about. While I still have areas of melasma on my face, it’s not near what it used to be. You can see a large reduction in the pigmentation of my skin. The large splotches on my cheeks, nose and lips are gone. Additionally, my skin felt tighter and brighter post-treatment. I loved getting Clear + Brilliant and hope to get more treatments in the future. The cost of each laser treatment is not cheap and ranges from $450-650. I paid $650 but felt it was worth every dollar!

The staff and office at Union Square Laser Dermatology is really nice. There are several doctors who work there who are all so professional and knowledgeable. My doctor, Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, is a cosmetic dermatologist. It’s important to see someone with this kind of background when it comes to lasers so that you are appropriately treated. Melasma can actually be irritated by over treatment so you should really go to a derm who understands lasers and has a lot of experience treating different kinds of skin and skin issues.

I give this experience five stars! I just wish I could afford to get Clear + Brilliant every month!

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