My Coolsculpting 'CoolMini' Experience Wasn't Great

SaltLife Patient gender: Female Patient age: 24 Cost: $800

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Performed 2018

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I’m pretty certain I was born with a double chin, even though my mom tells me I wasn’t. Regardless of whether or not I was born with my double chin, I definitely developed one at a young age. I believe it’s a hereditary curse that I’ve had to live with (and continue to live with, but I’ll get to that below). What made my double chin even worse is the fact that I have a weak jawline. I had considered getting a chin implant, but I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. I also floated around the idea of getting Kybella injections, because they are supposed to be great for eliminating submental fat. But what scared me away from Kybella, is a lot of the reviews online mentioned a tremendous amount of swelling post-injections that gave people a bullfrog neck. If you’ve never seen a bullfrog’s neck, I suggest you Google it right now. Yea…I’m only 21. The last thing I needed in my senior year of college is for everyone to wonder why a 5’5” 130lb girl has a fat neck. Plus, I go to school in Florida by the beach and I hate to be vain, but we care about our looks in this area.

I consulted with two doctors in my area and eventually picked Dr. Jeffrey Hartog. The other doctor didn’t have Coolsculpting or Kybella and suggested I get liposuction done. He said it was by far the best treatment to get rid of my submental fat and he said Coolsculpting was a gimmick. While I think there was some truth to what he said, I also think he was trying to sell me on liposuction because he didn’t have the machine. Everyone’s trying to make a buck these days! I’m not joking when I tell you that you really need to be very careful and do a lot of research before meeting with a doctor. Some are worse than used car salesman.

Anyways, when I went for my Cool Mini treatment, they strapped my head into this big contraption. I didn’t take a picture of myself getting the procedure, but I’ll find a picture of the contraption online so you can see what I mean. Being in the device made me feel like I was just in a car accident and the paramedics needed to stabilize my neck to make sure I didn’t have a fractured vertebra.

I would say the Cool Mini procedure, which lasted about an hour, was uncomfortable but bearable. It’s a good thing I brought a good movie to watch on my phone, because that made the time fly by pretty quickly. At the start of the treatment, when the machine was turned on, my fat was sucked into the applicator and there was a burning sensation for the first few minutes of the treatment, but then I became numb and did not feel anything else. It was smooth sailing after that.

Once the Cool Mini machine is turned off, the applicator was removed from my neck and the fat that was treated was massaged. I was told this breaks up the fat that was frozen during the treatment and it supposedly makes it easier for your body to carry away the dead fat cells and excrete them from your body. Yea…not sure that’s what really happened with me though (see below).

So what happened after my Cool Mini treatment? Not much. Week after week went by and I woke up every morning hoping that my neck would get tighter, but that did not happen. It actually got larger! It seemed like the fat on my neck was swelling. It was not until 2 months later that my neck stopped getting fatter and my original neck returned. Given the fact that I spent $800, waste a lot of time and ended up with the same neck, I can not recommend Coolsculpting Cool Mini to others. My doctor and his staff were great, but this treatment does not work as promised. Maybe the first doctor was right - I should have gone with liposuction. 

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I had two treatments last summer, several weeks apart.  My chin doesn’t look any different then it did before.  I believe the technician was very proficient, but $1500 is a lot of money for no results!