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Performed 2016

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Hi all - My name is Cindy and I'm 35 years old. I have always been an extremely fit and active person. I've never had any issues with my weight. In spite of this, I had some stubborn areas of fat in my abdominal area that would not go away, no matter how much exercise I did or how many specialty weight loss diets I tried. I also had slight love handles, which I was annoyed by.

When I first started looking into fat reduction treatments, I explored liposuction. However, it didn't take me long to realize I was too much of a chicken to have an elective surgical procedure and I was a bit too worried about the stories I had read of the uneven contour people were left with after having liposuction. So I looked into two popular noninvasive procedures: Coolsculpting and Sculpsure. After reading a number of reviews online, I decided to go with Coolsculpting and looked on for a healthcare provider in my area who offered this treatment. I live in Bergen County, New Jersey, and found out The Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery offered Coolsculpting. Dr. Breslow is a well-known plastic surgeon in my area and did my best friend's breast augmentation. She was very happy with her results, so I decided to contact his office.

I scheduled a consultation at The Breslow Center to see if I was a good candidate for the Coolsculpting procedure. I had my consultation with Dawn, an esthetician and certified Coolsculpting technician. Dawn was very sweet and explained the entire procedure to me. She told me I was an ideal candidate for Coolsculpting and it would require 4 treatment sessions fort he best results (both sides, upper and lower abdomen area). The Breslow Center also recently received the new CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage applicators, which work in 1/2 the time of the old ones (30 vs 60 minutes). Dawn told me I would need to come to the office twice for 2 - 1 hour sessions. The entire cost of my treatment would be around $5,000. Satisfied with what I had heard, I booked my treatment on the spot.

When I arrived at The Breslow Center for my first treatment, I was escorted into their Coolsculpting room. The Coolsculpting room was very comfortable looking. It had a large white reclining chair to sit on, a TV and had the overall appearance of a relaxing hotel spa. The room made me think I was about to receive a nice massage, which made me feel very relaxed. 

I was then instructed to lie down on the large white chair in the room. I was given lots of soft pillows to make me extra comfortable. Once I was situated, Dawn placed a gel pad on my abdominal region to prepare the treatment area. She then turned the Coolsculpting machine on and placed the applicator tip on my lower abdominal area. When the machine first drew my fat in to the applicator tip, I felt it, but it wasn't painful. During my treatment, I read a book and Dawn checked on me during the process to make sure I was doing ok. 30 minutes later, Dawn returned and moved the applicator to the upper part of my abdomen. 30 minutes after that, I was done. Each time the applicator was removed, I was left with a butter stick looking block of frozen red skin. Dawn would then massage the area to increase the blood flow to my treatment area and help break up the dead cells to help them be absorbed by my body.

Immediately following the procedure, I had an intense burning sensation, which I was told is caused by your frozen dead fat cells crystalizing and dissolving. I also had numbness, which some people online claim is caused by damage to the nerve endings near your treatment area. The burning sensation and redness went away a day after I had my treatment. However, the numbness remained for quite some time. I think I took a single Advil the night after my procedure, which helped a lot too.

In the weeks after my first treatment, I did not see much of a change. Dawn did tell me that I would likely have to wait 2 months to see my final results. I also had not received my second treatment yet, so I figured I would hold judgment on the procedure until after I had completed it.

My second treatment was the same as my first one. The Coolsculpting applicator was applied to my side areas and left on for 30 minutes per side. Like the first time, I was left a bit red and numb. Although unlike the first treatment, I did not feel a burning sensation this time.

Approximately 2 months after my last Coolsculpting treatment, I began to see noticeable results. My entire abdominal area appeared to look much more lean and trim. The numbness had gone away and my love handles had disappared. I went from being somewhat satisfied to being elated with my results.

It's now been nearly a year since my treatment and I can confidently recommend Coolsculpting to anyone looking for a noninvasive fat reduction procedure. Coolsculpting works, but you have to be very patient. It does not offer immediate results. You have to wait a long time to see if it worked. I was patient and ultimately had great results. I highly recommend both The Breslow Center and the Coolsculpting treatment.

Check out my before and after results and let me know what you think! 


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