My Dental Veneers Have Boosted My Self-Esteem

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After My Dental Veneers Were Placed - My Dental Veneers Have Boosted My Self-Esteem  - review image.
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Growing up, I was told I had to have braces for 6 years. As you can imagine, this was not something I ever wanted to hear. I had this image in my head that if I had braces, my teeth would turn out to be perfect. They did straighten, but they were far from "perfect.' I had 4 missing teeth and quite a few smaller teeth. I was never confident and due to this had very little self-esteem.

When I was 15, my mum took me to a dental veneer specialist to have a chat. I was so eager to have dental work to fix my teeth, I began to cry. A few weeks had passed and it was the day my smile would change forever.

They sedated and numbed my teeth and it was game on! I picked the shades of the porcelain veneers I wanted, the shape and every single other detail. As you may know, veneers are not inexpensive, so it's something you have to do your research on. I paid $13,500 for mine to give you an idea. You have to be comfortable with your dentist and know for a fact it is the decision you want to make.

Once my entire mouth was numb, they had to cut my gums, as they were swollen. They started to bleed a bit and it was like I had gum disease. My mum looked terrified watching this procedure, however, she was ensured it was all worth it and it was. One-by-one they created each veneer and stuck it inside my mouth. Rather than getting rid of any teeth, they wrapped it around my natural teeth. The procedure took an entire day, however as you can imagine, it takes so much time and effort to create the perfect smile. I wanted that Hollywood smile, so I was willing to be patient!

The colour matching was so important. Because once all the veneers had been placed on my upper teeth, my bottom teeth needed to be colour matched to them. It would have looked a bit odd if my top teeth were all white and my bottom teeth were a different shade of white!

One by one, each tooth was created and fixed to perfection. The shade was matched and the day was coming to an end. The Dr. handed me a mirror and waited for my reaction. I was in so much shock I literally had no words to say, I began to cry.

Until now, the main question I always get asked is if the dental procedure for my smile makeover hurt? The answer is no. The dentist used so much numbing sedation, I did not feel a thing, yet the results spoke for themselves.

My new smile has changed my life, my confidence and self-esteem. I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, your smile is one of the first things people notice. It is so important to feel your best. I am glad I made the decision to change mine.