My Elongated Labia Minora Made Me Self-Conscious

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Performed 2018

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been self-conscious of my vagina. I knew that mine did not look like other lady’s who I had seen. It was even so bad that a high-school boyfriend of mine told me I was loose and asked if I had been with a lot of men, which I took as a huge insult. I told my mother, which was super embarrassing, and she asked me if I pulled my under area and that's why my vagina had stretched. I had never done that and was so ashamed to say another word to her about it.

Later, I learned from my gynecologist that what I had was an elongated labia minora and I was told that it was more common than I probably thought. My gynecologist told me that it could be fixed with a simple surgical procedure. I was not happy that I would need surgery to fix it, but was glad that it could be fixed. I wanted it done and asked my gynecologist if she could recommend someone to perform the surgery. She recommended Dr. Michael Lau, an OB-GYN in Edmonds, Washington. I was nervous about going to a male doctor, but after a consultation with him, I felt very comfortable. During my consult, Dr. Lau handed me a mirror and went over what changes needed to be made to give me the vagina I wanted. He also showed me a collection of before and after pictures of patients who had similar problems with their vagina that he fixed. All of the patients had great results! I was sold. 

My labiaplasty procedure was done under a local anesthetic and was completely painless. There were no ‘surprises’ during surgery and it went very smoothly. I think it took about an hour from beginning to end. 

I did have pain during the first 10 days of my recovery, but it was controlled well with painkillers. I also made sure to keep my ‘area’ clean with a spray bottle that I kept next to my toilet. As long as I limited any movements that put tension on my private area, I was ok.

It’s has now been 3 months since my surgery and I am so happy with my results. My vagina looks the way I wanted it to and I’m no longer concerned with letting a man see it. I’m fully confident with my body and would do this surgery over again in a heartbeat.

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